Finding a great Flight Instructor makes for a successful aviation career

Flight instructors are the backbone of all successful aviation careers.

Finding a great flight instructor should form your considerations when choosing a flight school.

At Learn to Fly, the finest flight instructors are training some of the brightest future pilots in Melbourne. Our students are assigned their primary and secondary flight instructors. However, like anything flight-related, it is open to changing circumstances).

A great flight instructor should always be one you’re able to build a productive and trusting work relationship with. Regardless of how far into your aviation career you are, your instructor should always be someone you can rely on for guidance, assurance, advice and improvement.

Here are five great qualities all aviation students can expect from the right flight instructor:


Based on the current guidelines, all of LTF’s primary flight instructors are at a General Aviation (GA) Grade 2 or RAAus senior instructor level. Our secondary instructors are at a junior level.

The senior rating is achieved by accruing specific flight training experiences and passes a flight test. An external GA or RAAus certified flight testing officer conducts these.

From the right control buttons to smooth landing movements, pilot instructor skills and knowledge are honed by sharp focus and personal experiences. Our students leverage from our pilot’s experiences and priceless bits of wisdom that can only be acquired from aviation industry experience and insight.


A large portion of flight training centres on emergency procedures: stalls, wing drops, forced landings, engine failures, radio failures, and the list goes on! This is why our school standards require instructors to be well-trained. Learn to Fly only recruits experienced, confident, focused and alert instructors.

So, you can appreciate the skill required to respond immediately to any situation in which the risk outweighs the learning opportunity.

Beyond our instructors’ seniority level, our chief flying instructor (CFI) actively supervises all flight training operations and consistently checks training records and documentation. This ensures Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) compliance and students can always feel safe while flying!


What kind of learner are you?

  • Do you learn visually or kinesthetically?
  • Do you like to push yourself out of your comfort zone or take things step-by-step?
  • Are you goal orientated, or do you prefer to enjoy the ride?

Knowing the answers to these questions is the first step to realising your potential, and a committed instructor can help you to flourish.

Aside from the dos and dont’s of flying, an outstanding flight instructor will teach you the right attitude towards managing risks, valuing responsibilities and trusting in your abilities. Trust your flight instructors and allow them to help you become the efficient and reliable pilot you desire to be.


It is never wrong to ask questions and express that you want to know more about aviation—they want to see you succeed. A sign you’ve succeeded in finding a great flight instructor is they will light up your curious mind. Our pilots proudly boast multiple years of experience.

They are incredible motivators who’ll help you overcome any self-doubts and boost your confidence incredibly. They were a student once too. Your pilot instructor’s goal is to get you career-ready. They will find alignment between their goals and yours.


Your educators will always be a part of your journey. Whatever knowledge they’ve instilled will remain long after you leave the cockpit. From your trial introductory flight to going solo all the way to achieving your Commercial Pilot Licence – your instructor will be doing everything to help you reach your aviation career goals. That’s what makes the right one so important.

In flying, it’s essential to have a companion who’s always got your back. Therefore, we suggest choosing wisely when setting your sights on a successful aviation career.

So, to the exciting part. Are you ready to start your journey with Learn to Fly? Visit our website for a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.

See you in the sky!