Good news if you want to learn to fly in Australia

Learn To Fly Melbourne has agreed to sublease and build a flight training centre at Moorabbin Airport. Once completed, the Learn To Fly Flight Training Centre Victoria will be the largest flight training facility in the state.

CEO of Learn To Fly International Kai Li believes that the facility marks a significant milestone for Learn To Fly Australia.

“Learn To Fly actively supports the development and growth of the local aviation industry. We believe the new facility will help us to motivate and inspire young people to develop their careers in aviation. Nurturing the careers of future pilots and fostering a great flying culture is among our chief ambitions as a flight school,” says Kai Li.

Creating aviation expertise and accessibility

The Learn To Fly Flight Training Centre (LTFFTC) will be located in a double-storey building on the northern side of the airport and will have a total floor space of nearly 2,400 sqm.

The new premium training facility, designed by Prestigious Millennium Design (PMD), will accommodate flight instructors, students, an aircraft hangar, 4 lecture rooms, 2 flight-simulator rooms, 15 briefing rooms, a library, a specialty pilot shop, 2 cafés, a restaurant, a sky view balcony, lounge and bathroom facilities, and an operations room to support aircraft movements and flight scheduling.

In the multi-functional building, students will be able to complete all of their study and technical training requirements in the one location. The facility is expected to cultivate new enthusiasm for aviation by allowing people to have a coffee while enjoying views of the airport. Guests can take photos of the planes and go to the pilot shop to buy an A350 aircraft model.

With the addition of the new centre, 60–80 students will be able to attend training at the same time. Students can undertake both RA & GA aviation courses, ranging from the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) to the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). Learn To Fly will also offer two diploma programs, which will be the Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) and Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating). Course outlines for the diploma programs will be available to download from the Learn To Fly website soon.

Recently, Learn To Fly became a Part 142 accredited flight training operator through the new partnership with Australian Pilot Training Alliance (APTA). Achieving this advanced certification means that we will be able to provide Integrated flight training and Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) multi-crew aircraft operations. Students can also enjoy 10% off because of the GST exemption available to Part 142 Integrated training programs.

Why learn to fly in Australia?

Learn to Fly strives to provide the most professional flight training programs in the best learning environment at an affordable price. With the new facility and Part 142 qualification has further evidenced our school’s commitment to this aim.

Construction on the Learn To Fly Flight Training Centre has a target completion date of the end of 2018.

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