February 13, 2022

Calum Morgan

Calum was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and immigrated to Melbourne in 2012 at age 14. Still in high school and unsure what path he wanted to take with his career, a short flight around the city in 2016 changed everything. It was at that point that Calum knew he wanted to pursue aviation one way or another.

He started flying once or twice a week whilst still at school, also working different jobs to try and save more money to fly. He was even looking at options to continue his flying overseas, when he stumbled upon Learn To Fly and immediately felt like this was the place he was looking for.

Calum completed his Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) here at LTF, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to the team. He’s still unsure about exactly where his aviation journey will take him, but right now he is enjoying every moment. From Calum:

“The brilliant thing about this industry is that regardless of whether you are instructing, flying an Airbus or chartering twins in the outback, you are reminded every day what a pleasure it is to sit behind the controls of an aircraft. Every flight I am met with new scenarios, and I get to learn from these each time.”