August 30, 2021

Jed Joven

Jed grew up right next to the international airport at Cebu in the Philippines. When he saw an aircraft’s lights on final approach, he’d hop on his bike and rush to the airport fence to see the landing. He caught the aviation bug at a very early age, and also spent many hours on flight sims.

After moving to Melbourne at age 16, Jed spent as much time flying on weekends as he could whilst finishing high school, and then went on to complete the Swinburne aviation program where he obtained a degree in aviation. He loves the dynamic environment that being a flight instructor offers, and the fact that he gets to teach what he loves most.

8 years into his pilot career and as a flight instructor, Jed loves teaching others about what he loves most, and his future career aspirations include becoming a cargo pilot and/or flying turbo-props around the Philippines.