Oh goodness! I need to write a blog kind of thing for Learn To Fly Melbourne! So where shall I start? Oh, right you don’t even know who in the world I am!

Who am I?

G’day everyone! My name is Howard Lau and I am 16, turning 17 next month, I study the Recreational Pilot Licence at Learn To Fly Melbourne. I have just completed my first week and a bit of training on the Sling 2 and have logged 9.4 hours. To say I am earning my pilot licence before I can legally drink, drive and vote is not only something thrilling to be thinking about, but the process of learning to fly is immense.

Why do I fly?

Well, I always ponder upon this seemingly simple, black and white question; however, any aviator will spend hours explaining the nuances of their own reasons as to why they fly. Why do I fly? Flying is like an escape of the petty things that occur back on the ground, it’s really the only time I get to slow down and look at the world that we live in. Flying is encapsulating and fascinating.

How did I start?

I started in a now-defunct flight simulator centre in MegaBox called Flight Experience, they operate a Boeing 737-800 fixed base simulator and I was a student of their youth cadet program. The program taught me the fundamentals of flying; however, a simulator is a simulator, not the real deal obviously!

Investing in a simple home simulator setup is a good way to learn some basic fundamentals of flying, like what I do! I use a Logitech joystick and a laptop to run Microsoft Flight Simulator X with the well-known and proven to be realistic add-on A2A Simulations Cessna 172R. Such hard and software combination is recommended to any aspiring aviator, and it has definitely sped up my training here at Learn To Fly Melbourne.

Obviously, I am a Learn To Fly student now in Melbourne right now on the Sling 2 aircraft, hopefully, to earn my Recreational Pilot Licence in a month and a bit more.

How can I learn more about aviation in general in Hong Kong?

Now as a Hong Kong resident, it’s evident that Hong Kong isn’t the most aviation-friendly city per se. However several communities and organisations can be worth a look at for the keen aspiring aviator.

HKADB (Hong Kong Aviation Discussion Board) is a Facebook page for all aviation enthusiasts who live in Hong Kong and the page is a good way to know more people working in the aviation industry.

HKYAA (Hong Kong Youth Aviation Academy) is a youth organisation that aims to provide people with assistance and guidance on professions in aviation and the participants of HKYAA will be introduced to various facets of aviation and working in the aviation industry. This program does not offer real flying experience however aims to gear the individual with the proper skills and characteristics towards working in the aviation industry.

The most useful thing these days is the internet! Make good use of the internet and aviation relies on the relationships and ties you have with the people in it, so reach out and ask more questions!

In conclusion, aviation is not only a hobby or career, but it is also a lifelong commitment. Learning to fly is a process that never ends. We are all student pilots regardless of experience and qualifications.

Stay tuned for future blogs about my training and experience here with Learn To Fly Melbourne!

Until next time. Have fun and fly safe! By Learn To Fly Student Howard Lau.