I knew from an early age that the pilot life was for me. When it came time to pursue my childhood dream, I still had to put a lot of thought into how to turn my imagination into reality. Being extremely interested, inspired and impressed by the role of an airline pilot, I started to do extensive research into all kinds of information on aviation. Here’s my story of life as a Learn To Fly student.

Starting with simulation

Soon after starting my research, I discovered in Singapore, and they have a flight simulation centre for the public. (Singapore Flyer called Flight Experience). It operates the Boeing 737-777. Therefore, I went down to give it a try and spent $175 for 30mins.

After the first attempt, I had an interest in going down once every two weeks or more and had a couple of flying sessions with them spending just over $500 on this Boeing simulation. I was also aware of the SG Flight Simulator in Orchard Central and even in Changi which they operate for a different kind of aircraft, the Airbus 320.

The Changi Simulator is so unique because it was a full-motion type, where it feels like a real experience. Once again, I had a couple of flying hours and spent a large sum of money on them.

The reason behind this is simple. It was so I could know and learn more about the difference between an Airbus and Boeing.

After trying both, people would ask me: What’s the difference? Honestly, there is a hell of a lot of difference between them, I would say. They both work and operate systems differently. But if you asked which one I prefer, it would be – Airbus! But honestly, I am okay with either.

Building basic skills

Apart from flying the simulator, I learnt a couple of things during my sessions with them. They oriented me around the cockpit, taught me the basic handling of a massive aircraft and the fundamentals of flying as well as some new flying knowledge to use along the way if needed.

How far have I come?

After training here in Melbourne in Learn to Fly’s Bristell for 2 weeks. Then I will be going back to complete another 5 hours for my pre-solo exam, which is part of my achievement. Life as a Learn To Fly Student has been great so far!

But also the takeaway from this is for me to master every single thing I have learnt about basic aviation knowledge and the fundamentals of flying. I need to be ready for the most important career milestone for my future, which I will face next, the interview with Singapore Airlines and Scoot Air.

I have to say it’s going to be a challenge and big priority for me to take on the Singapore and Scoot Airline Interview process in 2018. To be able to pass and get through their interview process and be accepted by either one of them would be the biggest goal in my life.

Lastly, my story would end with “Every pilot or even cadet pilot have different stories to tell”.

Stay tuned for more personal stories from Charles and other LTF students! If you’re interested in following in their footsteps, check out our courses to find out how.