Many people ask me, why do I choose to be a pilot or what makes me want to become an airline pilot? Here is my story of how that began and life as a Learn To Fly student.

Ever since I was young, I have been passionate about becoming an airline pilot. I was fascinated by the huge massive aeroplanes that are able to stay up in the air and fly around, the first thing that came into my mind the moment I saw them was, ‘Wow, how amazing is that?!’

Love at first flight

Initially, at the age of 16, I was going on a holiday with my family to China and we boarded a plane with Singapore Airlines. Technically that was the very first time I experienced riding in an aeroplane. So before my actual check-in, my parents and I went to the plane view gallery where you can have a clear view of the aircraft and watch them take off and land.

Watching those aircraft lift off the ground and fly up towards the sky, it was beautiful and amazing! Hearing the massive sounds coming out from the engine, especially during the takeoff, I really enjoyed listening. Does it sound crazy to you? Oh well, that’s how I feel!

Besides that, I guess what I felt was, in the role of an airline pilot you see different passengers on board every day. You meet different kinds of people around, hold a large number of lives in your hands and ensure a safe and pleasant flight every single time without fail. You must meet their expectations and bring them safely to the ground.

Overall, I really love doing this. I would say I am happy about what I’m doing and I can’t wait to step into that position soon. After all, this is the reason that inspired me a lot to be an airline pilot. And right here, right now, that’s what I am doing. Life as a Learn To Fly student has affirmed that!

A modern-day miracle

Flying is just like escaping from the world, leaving together with other souls up in the sky. That is the only time I can really stand back, relax my mind and have my own little freedom up in the sky.

Looking out from my seat through the cockpit window, coursing at the altitude of 4000ft above ground level, you realise how beautiful Mother Earth really is.

Especially during the raining season. On one occasion, the rain wasn’t that bad or heavy, just a little drizzle and it rained for just a while. I was coursing on top and right after the rain stopped I was instantly captured by the gorges and beautiful double rainbow that was right in front of me. My face was literally like glue and stuck to the window.

Passing through and flying around the rainbow, it was breathtaking. I was speechless at that moment and I told myself that was this was God’s gift for me and it’s a miracle.

Charles will be sharing more insights about his flight training soon. Keep an eye out on our blog so you don’t miss a thing!