Looking Ahead: Learn To Fly Melbourne in 2020

Looking Ahead: Learn To Fly Melbourne in 2020

What’s coming up for Learn To Fly Melbourne in 2020?

Here at Learn To Fly in Melbourne we had a huge year in 2019, and we are looking forward to 2020. We continue to grow as a flying school, adding more aircraft to our fleet, offering new courses, and increasing our student numbers steadily.

Making Flight Training More Affordable

Our mission as a flying school is to make flight training more affordable and accessible to more people. In 2019 we introduced SplitIt, which allows people to split flight training course costs into 4 interest-free monthly payments. We’re currently the only Melbourne flight school to offer this.

Learn To Fly provides flexible and transparent course pricing, with both package and pay as you fly options available.

Learn To Fly Melbourne Instructor & Student
We’re looking ahead to a huge year for instructors and students at Learn To Fly Melbourne in 2020

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Late 2018 we moved into our new state-of-the-art training base facility at Moorabbin Airport. This facility continued to grow during 2019 to accommodate our expanding student numbers and provide them with the best training environment available.

Our students have access to fully digital training and briefing rooms as well as a full-motion VR simulator, TRC 472 (Cessna 172) simulator, and the AL42 (Diamond DA42) simulator.

We are excited to announce that we have now acquired another building in the Moorabbin Airport precinct. Scheduled to be ready in April 2020, this new building will accommodate another 100 students. The new facility is roughly 600sqm.

More Flying Hours, More Student Progress, More Instructors and More Courses

In 2019 we nearly doubled our flying hours to close to 7,000. We watched more students than ever before fly solo for the first time. We had many students achieve Recreational, Private and Commercial Pilot Licences. In 2020 we are aiming for 11,000 flying hours.

Our Airline Interview Preparation courses with ACS- Aviation Consulting Services had amazing success, and Captain Darren McPherson has now helped more than 160 pilots to realise their dreams of flying with an airline. 2 of our very own Flight Instructors were accepted into airlines after completing the Airline Interview Coaching Session course.

We currently have more than 20 Flight Instructors on our team with a mix of Grade 1, 2 and 3 Instructors, as well as those that are Multi-Engine and IFR-capable. We will shortly welcome the first graduate from our Job Guarantee Program, who will join the team after completing a Flight Instructor Rating course with us.

Our Aerobatics and Spin Endorsement course came online during December, and this has already been extremely popular with students. If you are interested in this course please contact us.

More Aircraft

We recently purchased a Foxbat aircraft, which will be used for our Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) customers. The Foxbat is an excellent aircraft for TIFs, with simple controls, a stable airframe, and excellent all-round vision. In addition, using this aircraft for TIFs means that all of our other aircraft are available for flight students to train in.

In 2020 we will be bringing online at least another 5 aircraft, which will take our total fleet to 27.

Learn To Fly Foxbat
The Foxbat will be used for Learn To Fly’s Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) customers

Expanding Our Operations

Here at LTF we have a strong focus on safety and a commitment to creating a structured training environment. We are in the process of applying for our own CASA Part 142 certification, which will further cement our status as an industry leader in both safety and flight training operations overall. Previously we had used APTA’s Part 142 certification.

We have acquired a hangar next to our main training facility, and we will shortly commence our own maintenance operations. Being able to perform aircraft maintenance ourselves will greatly increase our efficiency.

Our first batch of airline cadets from a major Chinese airline will be arriving soon to commence training with us. In 2020 we will also be starting charter operations, and we look forward to announcing some exciting news on that very soon.

Stay tuned for what will be a massive year at Learn To Fly!

Learn To Fly Melbourne 2020
Will 2020 be the year that you learn to fly?

We are pleased to offer our students interest-free payment terms over four (3 – 6) months on all of our pilot training courses. This makes it even easier for you to budget and learn to fly. Contact us to find out more!