We did the math and discovered that every 10 days a Learn to Fly student completes their first solo flight. It’s an experience to look forward to and one that makes our students beam with pride!

Born to fly

Recently, one of our students went on a particularly special journey to make their first solo. Meet Gavin Li. He has a genuine passion and interest in aviation and he cannot wait to inspire other young people to pursue their flying dreams.

We can be certain he is doing just that because Gavin started flying with us in July of last year when he was just 14-years-old. No sooner had he signed up to train for his Recreational Pilot Certificate did he start dreaming of making his first solo.

Hatching a dream plan

By law, students doing the Recreational Pilot Certificate program can only fly solo after they turn fifteen.  To make things happen as quickly as possible, with this as the case, we sat down with Gavin’s parents and planned out the perfect flight training schedule for him.

Gavin came to fly once every two weeks and in between flights we helped him to complete all of the theory and keep up his motivation and positive attitude toward learning to fly. Naturally determined, Gavin made progress without encountering many obstacles along the way.

First solo

Originally, we had planned for Gavin to do his first solo flight on his birthday. When the day arrived, the weather conditions were less than ideal. There was a touch of crosswind and already several aircraft in the circuits so Gavin’s instructor decided to delay the flight to a later date.

As an added precaution, we rescheduled the flight for 7 am in the morning when the weather is usually better. As luck would have it, the weather was perfect the next time around. The winds were low and the clouds were high. We couldn’t have been happier with the conditions and the traffic in the airways was very low.

An unforgettable flight

Gavin started by doing a few circuits together with his instructor, Rien. Just after turning downwind on the 5th circuit Rien said, “Gavin, make it a full stop and you can go and do one by yourself.”

That was the moment Gavin had been waiting a whole year for. He was calm, he taxied the aircraft to the runway, took off and flew a lap; the landing was a bit harder but safe. He taxied back to the apron where Rien was there waiting with a smile on his face.

A new goal

This day is one that Gavin will never forget. Gavin is continuing his training and aims to have his Recreational Pilot Certificate flight test successfully completed by the end of October.

As mentioned, Gavin Li completed first solo flight two weeks after his 15th birthday, which makes him the youngest student pilot ever to do so at Learn To Fly!

We love this inspiring story and we would love for you to come and chase something unreal with us. As Gavin’s journey shows, getting your Recreational Pilot Certificate is an excellent place to start!

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