International Ferry Pilot Stuart Caling – Flying Over The Pacific Ocean
November 18, 2018 in ,
We have just taken delivery of our 2 brand new twin-engine Diamond DA-42 aircraft, which were built at the Diamond Factory in Canada and then flown all the way to us here at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne by international ferry pilot Stuart Caling.
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A successful forced landing. Case study (Part 2)
The case study of the successful forced landing has proved that other than having tremendous flying experience, pilots need to be determined and make quick decisions. Forced landings are simulations that we do when we are down to 500 feet and when we punch the power and overshoot; however, in reality, if your engine fails, you are literally flying the final 500 feet to the ground without training. The instructor did have the fortune to go through specialised forced landing training and he shared some excellent tips to students.
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