Pilot Recruitment and the Aviation Industry in 2019
Captain Darren McPherson from ACS – Aviation Consulting Services is our specialist airline interview consultant. In this blog he looks at pilot recruitment and the aviation industry in 2019.
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Global Pilot job opportunities increasing
July 1, 2019 in ,
Potential pilot applicants often ask about exactly how much movement there is within the industry. We’ve all read about the current and predicted global pilot shortage, in particular the Asia Pacific region. But where are these applicants going to come from, and exactly how much are pilot job opportunities increasing in the global market?
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The best time for becoming a pilot – 2018 reflections
Coming to a close in 2018 we all review not just the year, but to evaluate where we have been, and what has been achieved; and thence to plan beyond into the coming year.
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Career Pilot Program collaboration between CommutAir and Learn To Fly Australia
Learn To Fly (LTF) Melbourne today announced a new partnership agreement with CommutAir from United States. The agreement involves LTF and CommutAir working together to find and select the most able aspiring pilots who will, if successful, be offered a place...
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Flying the Airbus A350
After flying internationally for over 20 years on a range of Airbus and Boeing aircraft types I have recently had the opportunity to train on and fly the A350—the latest and most advanced offering from the Airbus consortium.
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