Fifteen year old Leeanne Kaplan on her first solo flight
Learn to Fly RPC student Leeanne Kaplan won’t be forgetting her 15th birthday in a hurry. She started studying the theory components for her Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) at age 13, patiently waiting until she was 14 to be allowed to take the controls of an aircraft in flight under the guidance of her instructor.
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Life as a Learn to Fly Student #3 | First solo flight
It was a rather clear morning, which is a luxury in the Melbourne winter, accompanied by little to no wind. It really was an absolutely beautiful morning to go flying, but the word “solo” wasn’t really on my mind. I just expected a normal routine of going out for a morning pre-flight, hopping into the plane with the instructor and heading to Tooradin for a few circuits and then I would come back.
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