International Ferry Pilot Stuart Caling – Flying Over The Pacific Ocean
November 18, 2018 in ,
We have just taken delivery of our 2 brand new twin-engine Diamond DA-42 aircraft, which were built at the Diamond Factory in Canada and then flown all the way to us here at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne by international ferry pilot Stuart Caling.
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Learning to Fly with Balendran Thavarajah: My Flight Story
LTF student Balendran Thavarajah has just successfully completed his first solo flight. We thought it would be a great idea to share his flight story, to show you that it is possible to juggle a busy professional and family life with your dream of flying.
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Sharing Experiences: How I Passed My Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot Interview
Firstly some background about me – I got interested in aviation about 3 years ago (2015). Prior to that, I had absolutely no background on aviation at all, no flying experience, no education, nothing. What sparked my interest was a rather chance encounter while I was working full time 3 years ago. Back then, I was working full time at my family’s business where we run a car workshop.
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Inspirational Pilot Feature – NZ Pilot Aimee Burn
August 5, 2018 in ,
We came across the story of 20 year old New Zealander Aimee Burn recently, and found one of her comments in particular very inspiring: When people ask me why I wanted to become a pilot, I simply answer, “Why would you NOT want to become a pilot?”
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Joining the Jetstar Cadet Pilot Program
We are really excited to hear that one of our students, Silas Zhang, has been accepted into the Jetstar Cadet Pilot Program. Silas was previously a nurse before deciding that he wanted to make the transition into an exciting career in aviation.
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Fifteen year old Leeanne Kaplan on her first solo flight
Learn to Fly RPC student Leeanne Kaplan won’t be forgetting her 15th birthday in a hurry. She started studying the theory components for her Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) at age 13, patiently waiting until she was 14 to be allowed to take the controls of an aircraft in flight under the guidance of her instructor.
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A successful forced landing. Case study (Part 2)
The case study of the successful forced landing has proved that other than having tremendous flying experience, pilots need to be determined and make quick decisions. Forced landings are simulations that we do when we are down to 500 feet and when we punch the power and overshoot; however, in reality, if your engine fails, you are literally flying the final 500 feet to the ground without training. The instructor did have the fortune to go through specialised forced landing training and he shared some excellent tips to students.
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