The Best Time for Becoming a Pilot – 2018 Reflections

The Best Time for Becoming a Pilot – 2018 Reflections

As 2018 comes to a close we review the year to reflect our achievements and evaluate where we have been – then look to the year ahead.

Abundant opportunities

The aviation industry globally has seen numerous opportunities for pilots and an amazing range of positions flying for some of the world’s best operators. Positions have varied from numerous operators within the Australian industry at all levels, through to positions in the United States for entry level First Officers in regional jet operations.

This trend has developed and grown rapidly throughout Asia with a high demand for Cadet Pilots especially in both Hong Kong and Singapore. The flagship carriers in these countries have consistently been those dream jobs for Airline Cadet Pilots within the global pilot market.

This demand has created a relentless push within the industry as a whole; from entry level cadet positions through to mid-level operators, and ultimately within larger airlines as part of the global aviation industry. Ultimately creating significantly more opportunities for future pilots who aspire to pursue a career in aviation.

The affects of increased pilot demand

As the demand increases, so does the competitiveness of the candidates vying for these positions. The standard and level of foundation knowledge also ever increasing. No longer are Cadet Pilots reading or studying at the minimum levels. Prior preparation incorporating a range of topic areas covering ground theory, interview skills, and developing into various flying programs are critical elements for successful candidates.

This approach has seen a consistent path for successful candidates through both ACS – Aviation Consulting Services and Learn To Fly Melbourne programs over the previous 2 years. Furthermore, this trend and demand for such preparation is on a steady rise.

As the year ends, we would like to wish you all the best for the closing on a great year and look forward to the opportunities that are developing globally. It presents exciting times and prospects for future pilots everywhere.

As you enter the start of 2019 look forward towards your goals and objectives. If you would like take advantage of the best time for becoming a pilot, please contact us – we would love for you to fly with us in 2019.

Darren McPherson, Senior Aviation Consultant 2018.

Darren McPherson Airline Pilot
Darren McPherson Airline Pilot