The future of flight training is already on the runway

Our brand new Sling 2 is arriving next month! Check out the following five features of the Sling 2 that will make your student experience even better.

1. Room room room

The aircraft was designed with ample space. The unique cockpit design and sliding chair maximises space for student pilots. It brings new levels of comfort. With space-maximising leather seats and an extra-wide cockpit, it’s just plane groovy.

2. Excellent handling

The Sling 2 is made from Computer Numeric Control (CNC) precision cut and drilled 6061 aluminium with high quality components. The aircraft has the solid feel of a much larger aircraft. It has proven to be an excellent trainer for pilots, cementing itself in the future of flight training due to its amazing handling, near 360-degree panoramic visibility, solid feel and great design.

3. Efficiency

The new Sling 2 may not look revolutionary, but the ROTAX engine burns 60% less fuel than its old fashioned traditional competitors and it still has cruise speed of 120 knots. This means it can fly for 10 hours without needing refuelling which hugely increases its efficiency.

4. Latest In-flight equipment

Equipped with the Garmin Touch Screen Glass Cockpit Avionics and the Garmin Transponder, it’s the most modern and efficient training aircraft at Moorabbin Airport in its price range. The instrument panel also sits in front of the student so you can easily access all the information you need.

5. No hidden costs

The aircraft is brand new and we’re only charging $268 dual per hour to give it a spin. It’s also parked next to the runway, so you won’t waste any time taxiing on the ground, which will save you money and help you get the most out of every lesson.

Add to these benefits to Learn To Fly Melbourne’s top-level pilot training service and we’re sure that students can look forward to a truly exceptional flying experience, every time. We believe if we provide better flight training services, your pilot training journey can become even more meaningful and rewarding.

But don’t just take our word for it. See the future of flight training by flying it for yourself!