Many aspiring and new pilots wonder when they’ll receive their first flying or airline job and which region has the highest demand for pilots. These are fair questions, which can be a little tricky to answer at times. The demand for pilots varies significantly from country to country and region to region. Not just in the Asia Pacific but around the world.

Industries ebb and flow

The airline industry has historically gone from highs to lows and vice versa. If your local area isn’t experiencing growth, then is it worth waiting for an industry boom to come along before training as a pilot? Only individuals can answer this.

As with any longer-term goal, you must decide if you want to commit to preparation, training, and other expected obstacles that stagger the time spent on achieving your goal. Depending on the individual, it can be worth broadening the boundaries of your job search. Explore opportunities in other parts of the globe you know that are doing well.

Where are pilots needed most?

Statistics from the end of 2017 and analysis from significant training providers at both Boeing and Airbus indicate that Asia will continue to lead globally in demand for the next generation of airline pilots.

Boeing forecasts they will need more than 500,000 new pilots in the Asia-Pacific region over the next 20 years. Orders within Asia for both narrow and wide-body airliners over the coming years is driving demand.

Initial predictions within Asia-Pacific were calculated at 226,000 new pilots. After additional growth and revision of these predictions, the numbers were revised to 248,000 – almost 10% greater than initially anticipated.

China tops the ladder

When considering the region in more detail, the number one country for pilot demand is China at over 110,000 new pilots. This figure almost doubles those from the rest of the region that has an average need for 62,000 new pilots.

Even with this difference from one part of the region to another, the long-term demand in Asia remains considerably higher than other parts of the world. Global predictions from Boeing indicate that 40% of pilot demand will be from within the Asia Pacific region. This is higher than the combined estimates from the United States and Europe!

Demand will stay high

The underlying message is that growth of demand for the next generation of pilots is expected to remain high in the Asia Pacific region, and exceeds other parts of the globe. Although the market fluctuates and continues to do so in a repetitive cycle, the long-term forecast makes for good news for aspiring pilots in this part of the world.

Today could start your journey to learn how to fly.

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