After completing your Private Pilot License you might wonder, “what’s next?” As strange as it may sound, you may in fact wish to do more training. Realistically, if you want to fly regularly or as a job, learning is ongoing.

Freedom of flight

Additional training after you receive your PPL will help you to fly different types of aircraft that are bigger, faster, have multi-engines, are tailwheel, or are seaplanes. This will really open up the world to you. In particular, it will give you much more freedom when you organise recreational flying trips.

Top-rated pilot

It’s not just about learning how to fly different planes. Training beyond the Private Pilot License, you can work on honing skills for which you will receive endorsements and ratings which add value to your existing licence.

Some areas that might be of interest to you:

  • night flying
  • formation
  • aerobatics
  • instrument-based flight skills

Som3 of these only require about 5 – 10 flying hours for a pilot to complete.

Linked ratings

Some ratings and endorsements are linked to each other. For example, if you are planning to do your Command Instrument Rating or Private Instrument Rating, Night VFR (Visual Flight Rules) training beyond your Private Pilot Licence can be a great introduction to it. Even if you feel like a rating is not essential after you receive your PPL, it is a great way to build your confidence and mastery of aeroplane and general flying skills.

Knowledge to succeed

When a PPL pilot talks to us about additional training options, we normally suggest a reference text on the skills they’re interested in and provide ground briefings to ensure they have sufficient knowledge to achieve the skills. As always we strive to provide you with education on the ground before you spend money on the air.

Lifelong learning

It certainly is one of the great things about aviation that you are given constant learning opportunities for training beyond the Private Pilot License. Given the varied flying conditions in which pilots operate, gaining an endorsement or rating is a no-brain route to telling everyone you’ve done your preparation and have grown confident in many aspects of flight.

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