August 03, 2023

Nathan Karazisis

As a child, Nathan had a recurring tradition of attending the Avalon Air show every year, igniting a deep fascination with aviation and the potential of it becoming a lifelong career. The inspiration to pursue a path as a fighter pilot was sparked after watching the movie “Topgun.” However, this dream encountered a setback, as the individual’s height rendered them ineligible to fly the F18 aircraft, and Nathan lacked interest in piloting other aircraft within the Airforce.

In response to this challenge, Nathan decided to work full-time while concurrently pursuing part-time flying opportunities. This dedication eventually led to the attainment of their Commercial Pilot’s License. Seeking to further their aviation education, in 2014, they successfully enrolled and completed a diploma program in aviation. A turning point in their journey came in 2016 when they secured a significant opportunity at Tasfast Air Freight Moorabbin, which served as their foot in the door moment. Building on this experience, they went on to become an Instructor and Charter pilot before commencing a new chapter by joining Learn to Fly, marking another significant milestone in their career. Although the dream of becoming a Topgun may remain unrealised, Nathan has discovered immense satisfaction in their current role as an instructor, finding joy in guiding and witnessing students embark on their solo flights. Reflecting on their journey, they express a profound sense of reward and fulfilment.