September 14, 2023

Jay Rodda

Jay’s passion for aviation sprouted in the soil of his family’s aviation legacy, with a family of pilots sharing stories and conversations of relatives who served as pilots for Ansett, it became the foundation for Jay’s pursuit to fly.

As he grew older, Jay embarked on a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) to ascertain whether flying was indeed his calling. The experience was both thrilling and challenging. After the flight, he found himself perplexed by the task of trimming the aircraft, a moment of anxiety that only strengthened his resolve to master the intricacies of aviation.

Jay pursued a Bachelor of Aviation in Adelaide before then obtaining a commercial pilot’s license. In recent weeks, he celebrated the completion of the ATPL exams, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and mastery in the field.

In the short term, Jay’s focus is on honing his skills as an instructor, aiming to ascend to the coveted position of Grade 2 or even Grade 1 instructor. His commitment to the profession is unwavering, and he sees teaching as a way to pay it forward by helping future aviators achieve their goals. Looking far ahead into the future, Jay’s ultimate dream is to traverse international long-haul routes with an airline. The prospect of navigating the world’s skies, and connecting distant cultures and people, is a goal that fuels his passion for aviation.

Beyond the cockpit and the classroom, Jay finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. He enjoys embarking on solitary runs and hikes, sometimes accompanied by his favourite music, and other times with cherished friends. Jay is also a social netball enthusiast, modestly attributing his success on the court to his height.