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Learn To Fly Melbourne has arranged an articulation pathway with Griffith University to the Bachelor of Aviation. In just 3 years, you are able to complete 3 highly-regarded aviation qualifications - Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating and Bachelor of Aviation.

Flight Training

We offer online distance learning for a wide range of courses. These include theory sessions in a “live online classroom” environment. We also have entire theory courses for RPL, PPL, CPL and IREX available via online subscriptions.

What is a Flight Instructor Rating?

A Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) will allow you to instruct student pilots in the cockpit as well as in a ground theory setting. A training endorsement allows you to instruct someone for specific pilot authorisations. Learn more here.


Learn To Fly Melbourne’s specialised Airline Interview Preparation Programs have helped more than 200 pilots to achieve success in their applications to multiple leading airlines internationally.

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At Learn To Fly Melbourne, our goal is to make your pilot journey as simple as possible, so you focus on the enjoyment of flying. We train professional pilots and pilots who just want to fly recreationally. But there are plenty of flight schools out there. So, why should you choose Learn To Fly for your flight training?

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Flight Training Partners

Learn To Fly Melbourne’s global network provides you with a range of exciting pathways to further both your flight training and your career as a professional pilot. Our partners include Griffith University, state-of-the-art flight simulation provider ALSIM, Flight Experience airline simulation training, ACS - Aviation Consulting Services, V360E virtual cockpit trainers from Aviation eLearning and more.