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Beginner Programs

Want to know what it feels like to touch the sky? Our beginner courses will show you whether flight training is right for you and all hours will count towards your pilot licence if you continue.


Recreational Aviation Programs

Jump into our Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to experience the latest technology and achieve your flight training goals more cost effectively.


General Aviation Programs

Whether you want to fly for fun or pursue a career in aviation, working towards a GA pilot licence will give you the know-how you need to succeed.


Airline Pilot Preparation Programs

If you’ve got your sights set on becoming a Cadet Pilot, you want to have our experienced team of Grade 1 and senior instructors on your side.

Recreational Aviation Programs

Trial Introductory Flight

Experience an unforgettable journey

Taste The Sky

0.5 Training Hrs

$ 168 / Package

Feel The Rush

1 Training Hrs

$ 248 / Package

Satisfy Your Curiosity

This is your chance to take the controls for the first time. After a brief introduction, you will go through the pre-flight inspection and take to the air. The instructor will supervise you through basic manoeuvres and give you control so you can experience what it feels like to fly.

Trial Flight Process

To book your flight you can call us on 1300 LearnToFly, book online or email us. We will send you pre-flight reminders for check-in and alerts for flight status changes. Upon arrival at our office, our friendly staff will help you process the check-in.

The Trial Introductory Flight starts off with a brief introductory course where you’ll have a chance to ask questions and build a basic understanding of what it means to fly. Afterwards, you’ll go through a pre-flight inspection with your instructor. You can also include simulation in your Trial Introductory Flight, which can be a cost effective way to start building your skills.

Once you’re in the sky, the instructor will use the DEMO method, direct and supervise, to demonstrate a task and talk you through doing it yourself. They will supervise you through basic manoeuvres and give you control of the aircraft so you can get a real taste of what you’ll learn in flight training.

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