December 18, 2018

What types of exams will I need to pass to get my pilot licence?

For each pilot licence, you are required to pass 3 types of exams – an oral test, written test and practical flying test.

    • Written Test: This is a multiple-choice test that covers all areas of aviation theory relating to your licence course. There are many resource guides available to assist with preparation including books, mock exam questions, and the best resource of all – your Learn To Fly instructors and fellow students. We recommend spending as much time studying at school as you can, as well as time outside of school studying on your own. Most written aviation theory exams require a 70% pass mark.


    • Oral Test: The day you take your practical flying test in the aircraft, your Flight Examiner will conduct an oral interview where you will be asked to discuss all the theory and knowledge areas you’ve studied during the course. This includes aircraft systems, weather, aerodynamics, air laws, airport operations, airspace designations and operations, charts, aircraft performance, and much more. The oral exam requires study, preparation and understanding on your part. Your flight instructor will be able to assist you with preparation, as will your fellow students (especially those with the first-hand experience completing the exam).


  • Practical Test: Your practical flying test takes place in the aircraft, and this is where all your training comes together. You will fly with an official flight Flight Examiner who will ask you to perform all the manoeuvres and skills you have been working on from the beginning of your flight training. Your flight instructor will assist you in preparing for the actual test scenario in your flights leading up to the test.