Harley Tindal

Born on the picturesque Gold Coast in Queensland, Harley’s childhood was a tapestry of experiences spanning Victoria, North Queensland and even distant England. Eventually, his family settled in Melbourne.

His fascination with aviation ignited during a memorable trip aboard a B737, where Harley found himself peering out from the first officer’s seat, captivated by the panoramic view and the allure of the skies. At the tender age of seven, Maroochydore Airport became his haven, a place where he found solace amidst the soaring planes, watching them take flight from the end of the runway.
Financial constraints initially diverted Harley from pursuing aviation after completing high school. However, a transformative six-month hiatus reignited his passion. In 2020, Harley took his first flight as a student pilot, setting the stage for a series of milestones.

His dedication bore fruit as he obtained his Commercial Pilot’s License in March 2022, followed by his MECIR in December of the same year. November 2023 marked the completion of his FIR with Learn To Fly Melbourne, solidifying his commitment to excellence in aviation.

Harley’s aspirations soar beyond the horizon, envisioning a future where he contributes to organisations like the Royal Flying Doctor Service or commands the skies with a leading airline. Before realising these dreams, he yearns for a season in Canada or Alaska as a floatplane pilot.
In the short term, Harley aims to refine his skills as a Grade Two Instructor, conquer his ATPLs, and pursue Multi-Engine Training Approval. Beyond the cockpit, he enjoys family moments, marathon training, and supporting the Melbourne Storm in the NRL at AAMI Park.

Harley’s biography is a testament to a journey guided by childhood dreams and a relentless pursuit of the skies.

Ronald Tse

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ronald Tse’s journey into the world of aviation was ignited during a family trip to Thailand. As the plane departed, revealing the mesmerising view of Hong Kong from the sky, young Ronald was captivated by the unique perspective only accessible from an aircraft. A pivotal moment occurred when he visited the cockpit and met the pilot, cementing his decision to become a pilot himself. His aspiration was clear – to experience the joy of such breathtaking views daily.

Eager to pursue his dream, Ronald crossed continents to Australia after completing high school, enrolling in university and immersing himself in the world of aviation.

Ronald’s educational path led him to study for a Bachelor of Aviation and obtain his Commercial Pilot License (CPL). He sought to broaden his skills and further honed his expertise at Learn To Fly Melbourne, completing a Flight Instructor Rating. His most cherished memories during CPL hour building were the solo navigation exercises, allowing him to chart his own course over iconic landmarks such as the Great Ocean Road and the Melbourne City Orbit.

With a deeply ingrained passion for flying, Ronald sets his sights on working for an international airline. In the short term, his goals include accumulating command hours, completing Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) theories, and obtaining a Multi-Engine Class Instrument Rating (MECIR). His dedication to continuous improvement reflects his commitment to achieving excellence in the aviation industry.

Beyond the cockpit, Ronald finds solace in outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. Whether exploring nature or cruising through Melbourne in his car, he embraces the balance between his adventurous spirit and the demands of his flying career.

Rebecca Zhang

Rebecca Zhang was born and raised in Melbourne. Her journey into the world of aviation began with a solid educational foundation, as she completed her Bachelor’s degree before embarking on a career in food manufacturing in Sydney. However, it was the allure of the skies that ultimately captured her interest.

Rebecca’s formal aviation training took place at Learn To Fly Melbourne, where she successfully obtained both a Private Pilot License (PPL) and a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Her foray into flying was not an immediate one; it was sparked by her father’s influence, and her curiosity only deepened over the years. The turning point occurred after a Trial Introductory Flight, prompting her to transition from curiosity to action and enrol in flight training.

In both the short and long term, Rebecca is enthusiastic about contributing to the aviation community. Currently focusing on honing her skills and assisting aspiring aviators. Ultimately, she aspires to work in the airlines, leveraging her expertise to contribute to the broader aviation industry.

Outside the cockpit, Rebecca enjoys a variety of personal interests and hobbies. Whether exploring new destinations, immersing herself in literature, or embracing the outdoors, she values the balance between her professional and personal life.

Jay Rodda

Jay’s passion for aviation sprouted in the soil of his family’s aviation legacy, with a family of pilots sharing stories and conversations of relatives who served as pilots for Ansett, it became the foundation for Jay’s pursuit to fly.

As he grew older, Jay embarked on a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) to ascertain whether flying was indeed his calling. The experience was both thrilling and challenging. After the flight, he found himself perplexed by the task of trimming the aircraft, a moment of anxiety that only strengthened his resolve to master the intricacies of aviation.

Jay pursued a Bachelor of Aviation in Adelaide before then obtaining a commercial pilot’s license. In recent weeks, he celebrated the completion of the ATPL exams, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and mastery in the field.

In the short term, Jay’s focus is on honing his skills as an instructor, aiming to ascend to the coveted position of Grade 2 or even Grade 1 instructor. His commitment to the profession is unwavering, and he sees teaching as a way to pay it forward by helping future aviators achieve their goals. Looking far ahead into the future, Jay’s ultimate dream is to traverse international long-haul routes with an airline. The prospect of navigating the world’s skies, and connecting distant cultures and people, is a goal that fuels his passion for aviation.

Beyond the cockpit and the classroom, Jay finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. He enjoys embarking on solitary runs and hikes, sometimes accompanied by his favourite music, and other times with cherished friends. Jay is also a social netball enthusiast, modestly attributing his success on the court to his height.

Sebastian Rossi

Seb’s journey into the world of aviation was a destined path that began as far back as memory serves. His fascination with aviation was ingrained in the hours spent meticulously assembling and flying model planes and the countless visits to airport lookouts. At the age of 16, Seb took his first Trial Introductory Flight (TIF). This experience was like the final piece of a puzzle falling into place, confirming his career direction. He embarked on his aviation journey immediately after completing school.

In his younger years, Seb harboured dreams of becoming a fast jet pilot, perhaps inspired by the allure of Top Gun. However, as he matured, his aspirations evolved. The path that once led to fighter jets transformed into a desire for an airline career, followed by a potential transition to corporate flying or even the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) should the opportunity arise.

In the short term, Seb envisions a continued journey towards becoming a Grade 2 flight instructor, with ambitions to eventually attain the coveted Grade 1 status. Along this path, he hopes to expand his teaching repertoire, specializing in tailwheel and multi-engine instrument flight rating (IFR) instruction. As he imparts his knowledge and experience to aspiring pilots, he continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation.

Outside the realm of aviation, Seb finds solace in the warm embrace of summer and embraces an active lifestyle. His dedication to fitness and an active routine serve as a counterbalance to his intense study and work commitments.

Ian Mowat

Ian’s journey into the world of aviation began in Zimbabwe. The dream of taking flight had always been a constant in his life, tracing its origins to a pivotal moment when he received a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) for his 16th birthday. This experience ignited a passion that would shape his future.

To realise his dream, Ian embarked on a path that led him to South Africa, where he completed his PPL. It was here that he took his first substantive steps into the world of aviation, setting a trajectory for a promising career

Ian’s journey led him to us at Learn To Fly, where he pursued our comprehensive training program that would take him from the fundamentals to expertise, culminating in the attainment of his instructor rating. Ian’s educational journey also included the completion of the CPL Diploma at LTF, marking another milestone in his pursuit of aviation excellence.

Aspirations for Ian extend far into the horizon — his ultimate goal is to serve either with the Royal Flying Doctor Service or as part of a major airline. His aspirations are not limited by the destination but rather fueled by the challenge and dynamism that aviation offers, an environment where no two days are alike.

Ian seeks balance in life by keeping active during his time off and cherishing moments spent with friends. The camaraderie and adventures shared with mates provide an integral part of balance in his life.