Tom Logan

Melbourne-born Grade 3 LTF Flight Instructor Tom Logan was fascinated by flying from a young age, and whilst he always really wanted to be a pilot, life had other plans initially. After high school Tom decided that learning to fly wasn’t really something he was able to afford, and so instead pursued a successful professional career as a Civil Engineer.

Fast forward 7 years, and that urge to fly was still there. Tom decided to look into his options again, found a way to make it work, and decided that he couldn’t let the opportunity pass him by. In another twist, Tom’s decision to switch from an established career to learning to fly came just before the COVID pandemic took hold. Despite the enormous challenges that presented, he wasn’t giving up.

Tom completed his CPL, MECIR and then a Flight Instructor Rating with us here at LTF – and now we welcome him to the team as a Flight Instructor. What a great success story, and an excellent example of why it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

Now as a professional pilot, Tom loves the feeling of being in the air and getting a perspective on the world that is totally different to what we get on the ground – and his ultimate goal is to become an airline pilot.

Brandon Sundaralingam

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Melbourne, Grade 3 Learn To Fly Flight Instructor Brandon Sundaralingam has always loved anything aviation and travel-related. In 2017 he went for a Trial Introductory Flight and a session in the Boeing B737 simulator, and enjoyed it so much that he started flight training the following year.

After starting his training with another flight school, Brandon completed his CPL with us here at LTF. He then completed his MECIR with us, and then a Flight Instructor Rating, and now we’re thrilled to welcome him to our instructor team!

Brandon would one day like to see himself flying from the left seat of an Australia-based airline, and in the meantime:

“The sights you see from above are truly amazing, and the dynamic nature of flying keeps it fun/interesting 100% of the time.”

Stefano Liucci

Melbourne born and raised, LTF Grade 3 Instructor Stefano Liucci started flying straight after finishing high school in 2017 by studying and completing a Bachelor of Aviation program. Having always loved to travel, he initially saw flying as a means to see the world.

Once he began to learn to fly though, he realised that being a pilot offered so much more than what he initially thought. He loved the liberating feeling and thrill of sitting in the cockpit and being in control of an aircraft in flight, taking in the unique views of the world below.

As a Flight Instructor, Stefano enjoys being able to assist students with the same passion for flying as he had when he was training to reach their own aviation goals. Eventually he would love to fly for a major airline, and then an ultimate goal would be to finish his career flying scenic flights around Italy, a country with which he shares family heritage.

Brett Martin

Grade 3 LTF Instructor Brett Martin was born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful coastal area south-west of Melbourne that he’s now lucky enough to fly over as part of his job!

After completing a Trial Introductory Flight at Tyabb Airport, Brett was immediately hooked – and once he had begun his studies to become a pilot, he simply couldn’t see himself doing anything else for a career. He hopes to work towards becoming a Grade 1 Flight Instructor, and would one day love to be flying airliners.

From Brett: “The part of flying I love the most is the feeling of freedom once you leave the ground. It’s something that will never ever get old.”

Eric Sim

LTF Gr3 Flight Instructor Eric Sim was born in Malaysia and moved to Australia when he was 3. He always held a fascination for aviation – in particular the inner workings of an aircraft and what it takes to manage such complex machinery.

He has been flying for over 6 years now, having started his flight training in 2016 right here at Moorabbin Airport. The thing Eric loves the most about aviation is the fact that you never stop learning. Even after you feel as though you have mastered a particular aircraft or area of flying, there’s always new challenges or new perspectives to consider.

Eric’s goal is to hopefully work towards a role with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS): “I believe their work not only challenges team members as individuals, but they also provide rural communities with a critical service which would otherwise be impractical to deliver by any other means.”

Abhishek Khanna

LTF Grade 3 Flight Instructor Abhishek Khanna was born in India and moved to Australia at age 11. He caught the aviation bug early, when he was invited into the cockpit of an airliner at age 4, and completed his Commercial Pilot Licence in 2018.

As a Flight Instructor, Abhishek enjoys the satisfaction of helping student pilots achieve their aviation goals, and seeing them progress due to his direct input.

He’s one day love to fly an airliner, and can’t wait to marvel at the views from cruising altitude.

William Thomas

William Thomas grew up in a small farming town in regional Western Australia and was always fascinated with both the beauty of flying and the technical side of aviation. He started flying at age 15 and given his location, was able to build some very unique experiences flying over some of Australia’s most remote and barren areas with minimal navigational aids.

As a Flight Instructor, William enjoys challenging his own knowledge and learning along with his students. He finds the ability to pass on his experience very rewarding and loves seeing students grasp complex problems and progress through their training.

William hopes to experience a variety of operations in his pilot career including multi-engine IFR instructor, flying for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and eventually a major airline.