March 24, 2022

Eric Sim

LTF Gr3 Flight Instructor Eric Sim was born in Malaysia and moved to Australia when he was 3. He always held a fascination for aviation – in particular the inner workings of an aircraft and what it takes to manage such complex machinery.

He has been flying for over 6 years now, having started his flight training in 2016 right here at Moorabbin Airport. The thing Eric loves the most about aviation is the fact that you never stop learning. Even after you feel as though you have mastered a particular aircraft or area of flying, there’s always new challenges or new perspectives to consider.

Eric’s goal is to hopefully work towards a role with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS): “I believe their work not only challenges team members as individuals, but they also provide rural communities with a critical service which would otherwise be impractical to deliver by any other means.”