August 18, 2022

John Sabato

John Sabato is our Career Development, Mentoring and Interview Preparation Course Facilitator. John has a wealth of experience across various sectors of the aviation industry, with a career spanning more than 12 years.

For 7 of these years John flew with Cathay Pacific, where he was a First Officer, flying the Airbus A330 and A350 type aircraft on long-haul routes. He is type-rated on the B737, and he now flies for one of Australia’s largest airlines in a domestic setting. John’s own journey to becoming an airline pilot was assisted by the comprehensive preparation offered by an airline interview preparation course and high-quality mentorship in the early stages of his general aviation career. This helped him form a good understanding of the employment options available after his flight training.

John’s journey has provided him with a unique perspective on the process and requirements, and an understanding of just how important that first airline application and interview is. It has also given him a huge passion for assisting others to get their own “first airline start”.

We’re thrilled to have John on board for our Future Cadet Pilot Program, Career Development/Mentoring Workshops and Airline Interview Coaching Session courses – to help give the next generation of airline pilot hopefuls the sound preparation and competitive edge they need to succeed in their budding careers.