August 03, 2023

Martin Hussey

Martin’s fascination with aviation took root when a family trip exposed him to the world of flying. A chance to explore the cockpit ignited a lifelong passion for aviation.

Having completed a Bachelor of Aviation in Queensland, followed by rigorous training at the Qantas Group Pilot Academy, he relocated to Melbourne and further fortified his expertise by achieving his G3 FIR at Learn To Fly. Martin aspires to progress through the instructing ranks, aiming for Grade 2 and, ultimately, a Grade 1. Beyond his instructional role, his sights are set on serving with either the Royal Flying Doctor Service or the airlines.

When Martin’s feet are on the ground, he finds joy in sports like Cricket, AFL (where he passionately supports West Coast), and Formula 1. His curiosity about the world drives him to explore different cultures through travel, an endeavour that enriches his perspective. Martin finds profound fulfilment in imparting his wisdom to eager minds, witnessing their growth, and guiding them toward achieving their flying ambitions. Through every takeoff and landing, Martin’s journey continues to be one of passion, determination, and pursuit.