September 14, 2023

Olivia Walters

Raised by parents who were both flight attendants, Olivia’s story in aviation has its foundations. Growing up with the allure of aircraft and the excitement of travel, it was only natural that her dreams took flight in the skies.

Olivia started her training in 2019, by 2020, she had already achieved significant milestones, earning her CPL, passing her ATPL exams, and securing a MECIR. Her rapid progress underscored her dedication to her chosen career. However, COVID led Olivia to take a temporary break from flying. During this hiatus, she ventured into the world of fashion while living in Hong Kong with her partner. Her brief foray into another industry provided her with valuable experiences and insights but also reinforced her unwavering passion for aviation.

Olivia has now returned to aviation and is embracing her new role as a Grade 3 flight instructor. Her enthusiasm for teaching and guiding aspiring pilots is palpable, and she is excited to be a part of their journey. While Olivia dreams of eventually joining the ranks of the airlines, her nearer-term goal is to progress to a Grade 2 flight instructor. This path represents not only a step forward in her career but also an opportunity to deepen her impact on the aviation community.

What Olivia enjoys most about her role as an instructor is the opportunity to witness her students’ growth and the fulfilment of their dreams. The joy of guiding aspiring pilots through their training and watching them achieve their goals is a source of immense satisfaction and motivation for her.