January 28, 2024

Ronald Tse

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ronald Tse’s journey into the world of aviation was ignited during a family trip to Thailand. As the plane departed, revealing the mesmerising view of Hong Kong from the sky, young Ronald was captivated by the unique perspective only accessible from an aircraft. A pivotal moment occurred when he visited the cockpit and met the pilot, cementing his decision to become a pilot himself. His aspiration was clear – to experience the joy of such breathtaking views daily.

Eager to pursue his dream, Ronald crossed continents to Australia after completing high school, enrolling in university and immersing himself in the world of aviation.

Ronald’s educational path led him to study for a Bachelor of Aviation and obtain his Commercial Pilot License (CPL). He sought to broaden his skills and further honed his expertise at Learn To Fly Melbourne, completing a Flight Instructor Rating. His most cherished memories during CPL hour building were the solo navigation exercises, allowing him to chart his own course over iconic landmarks such as the Great Ocean Road and the Melbourne City Orbit.

With a deeply ingrained passion for flying, Ronald sets his sights on working for an international airline. In the short term, his goals include accumulating command hours, completing Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) theories, and obtaining a Multi-Engine Class Instrument Rating (MECIR). His dedication to continuous improvement reflects his commitment to achieving excellence in the aviation industry.

Beyond the cockpit, Ronald finds solace in outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. Whether exploring nature or cruising through Melbourne in his car, he embraces the balance between his adventurous spirit and the demands of his flying career.