September 14, 2023

Sebastian Rossi

Seb’s journey into the world of aviation was a destined path that began as far back as memory serves. His fascination with aviation was ingrained in the hours spent meticulously assembling and flying model planes and the countless visits to airport lookouts. At the age of 16, Seb took his first Trial Introductory Flight (TIF). This experience was like the final piece of a puzzle falling into place, confirming his career direction. He embarked on his aviation journey immediately after completing school.

In his younger years, Seb harboured dreams of becoming a fast jet pilot, perhaps inspired by the allure of Top Gun. However, as he matured, his aspirations evolved. The path that once led to fighter jets transformed into a desire for an airline career, followed by a potential transition to corporate flying or even the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) should the opportunity arise.

In the short term, Seb envisions a continued journey towards becoming a Grade 1 flight instructor, with ambitions to eventually attain the coveted Grade 1 status. Along this path, he hopes to expand his teaching repertoire, specializing in tailwheel and multi-engine instrument flight rating (IFR) instruction. As he imparts his knowledge and experience to aspiring pilots, he continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation.

Outside the realm of aviation, Seb finds solace in the warm embrace of summer and embraces an active lifestyle. His dedication to fitness and an active routine serve as a counterbalance to his intense study and work commitments.