How old can I start flight training? What are the age limits?

We would recommend students be at least 14 years old, so you can fly solo at 15 and obtain the RPL at 16 and PPL at 17. For the CPL, you need to be at least 18 on the date you get your licence. For younger aviation enthusiasts, we have children’s programs on our flight simulator and offer a number of activities designed to educate and entertain children of all ages. In terms of an upper age limit, you can go flying no matter how old you are as long as you can pass the medical check.

What are the minimum requirements for airline employment?

For direct entry to most airlines, you will require a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) and typically theory credits for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). Airlines will publish their minimum criteria for pilot applications on their website.

Most of the information can be found on the airlines’ website.

Who can be a pilot? What are the requirements to start flight training?

Anyone can Learn To Fly! Learning to fly is not as hard as you might imagine, however, it does require dedicated time. It will require your mind and your body, giving you new muscle memory skills and knowledge. The good news is that just about anyone can learn to fly, it’s all up to YOU.

You don’t need any formal education to start your flight training, but there are other requirements that you need to satisfy including age, English proficiency and an aviation medical check.

We suggest you must be a minimum age of 14 and be able to understand and speak English to start the flight training. Some students start their theory training at the age of 13.

Moreover, you don’t need any formal education to start your flight training, you do not need to study physics or maths at school to obtain a pilot licence. Having this knowledge certainly does help, but is in no way a requirement. If you wish to become an airline pilot you may need both physics and maths — both are typically entry requirements. You can check individual airline recruiting websites to view a list of requirements.