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Learn To Fly Cadet Pilot Program guarantees your pilot job placement, allowing you to meet your career objectives faster than anywhere else.

Experience has shown us that many pilots are confused about what to do when they finish their Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), or are worried about getting a job. Learn To Fly Melbourne is committed to supporting the next generation of pilots and preparing them for aviation careers.

With the Learn To Fly Cadet Pilot Program, we are helping future pilots get their aviation careers off the ground, even if they’re starting with minimal or no flying experience. If you are accepted into this program, it will enable you to complete your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and Flight Instructor Rating (FIR). Graduating cadets are guaranteed a Flight Instructor position and the opportunity to gain at least 250 instructional flight hours.

In Numbers


Training Duration - Months


Minimum Guaranteed Instructional Flying Hours


Total Estimated Flying Hours

Who Can Apply?

Location & Age

From Taiwan, Singapore or Hong Kong. Between 18 and 28 years old

Flying Experience

Little OR No flying experience

English Proficency

IELTS 6.0 and Be able to pass Aviation English Language Proficiency (AELP) Tesst


Be able to pass the CASA Class 1 Aviation Medical Check

Be Able To Work In Australia

Can legally work in Australia for at least 1 year


Commit to an assigned placement within 3 months of receiving an offer

Pass our assessments

Successful candidates must pass our skills and interview assessments


Total training costs including CPL and FIR, approximately AUD$118,000

Cadet Pilot Program Overview

  • RPL, PPL & CPL Training

    You need to enrol in the 60-week Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence -Aeroplane) program and you will progress through theory and practical flight training with Learn To Fly in Melbourne under an integrated Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) flight training syllabus.

  • Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) Training

    After completing your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training, you will progress to the Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) course at Learn To Fly. This course focuses on developing instructional skills, including Principle Methods of Instruction (PMI), conducting thorough pre and post-flight briefings, and practical flight instructor training.

  • Work as a Flight Instructor

    You will be employed as a Grade 3 Flight Instructor working for Learn To Fly Melbourne or one of our partner flight schools in Australia. You will work under the supervision of Grade 1 Flight Instructors, conducting Ab Initio flight training for RPL and PPL students.

  • Contract Review

    There are a range of additional courses that you can complete while you work to increase your capability as a pilot and instructor. If you perform well during your initial guaranteed 250 flying hours, there are opportunities to extend both your contract and your career with Learn To Fly Melbourne.

  • Grade 3 Flight Instructor

    Graduate from the Learn To Fly Pilot Job Guarantee Program and commence work as a Grade 3 Flight Instructor

  • Grade 2 / Grade 1 Flight Instructor

    Upon completing 200 ab-initio flight training hours and passing the Grade 2 Training Endorsement flight test, you're eligible to become a Grade 2 Flight Instructor. Advancing further, after accumulating 500 ab-initio flight training hours and successfully passing the Grade 1 Training Endorsement flight test, you can attain the status of a Grade 1 Flight Instructor, which is the highest instructional grade.

  • Training Endorsements - Expand Your Pilot Capabilities

    Choose from a wide range of ratings and training endorsements that will allow you to conduct more types of training and gain more flying experience, including Night VFR Training Endorsement, Multi-Engine Training Endorsement and Instrument Rating Training Endorsement etc

  • Flight Examiner

    After 12 months working as Grade 1 Flight Instructor, you can apply to complete a Flight Examiner Rating and become a Flight Examiner

  • Airline Pilot

    Experience as a Flight Instructor is seen as highly desirable by airlines, and major carriers accept applications for Direct Entry positions with 250 – 1,500 total flying hours.

  • Professional Flight Training Programs

    Our Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) training programs are thorough and designed to build your aviation skills, knowledge, and confidence. You’ll also receive support from top-flight instructors who will educate you on the essentials of flying, including the theory, systems, and regulations vital for a successful career as a professional pilot.

  • Extra Job Security

    The recent coronavirus pandemic had an enormous impact on global aviation, with even the most experienced pilots being stood down. Throughout this time, flight training continued, and Flight Instructors remained in demand. A Flight Instructor role is one of the most secure jobs in aviation, with work usually available even when other aviation sectors are struggling. It also allows you to develop a wide range of flying skills that enhance your career options.

  • Guaranteed Flying Hours

    Once you have completed your CPL and FIR training under our Learn To Fly Cadet Pilot Program, you will be guaranteed at least 250 flying hours of paid work as a Flight Instructor working with us or one of our partner flying schools in Australia. Gaining 250 hours as a Flight Instructor, with the possibility of advancing to a Grade 2 instructor, opens a world of opportunities in your aviation career. This experience paves the way for numerous career paths, broadening your prospects in the aviation industry.

  • Pilot Career Progression

    Gaining experience as a Flight Instructor is highly valued in the aviation industry. Advancing to a Grade 2 instructor after 250 instructional flying hours can significantly broaden your career opportunities. This role not only enhances your skills as an instructor but also positions you well for direct entry positions in major airlines, offering a versatile path for your professional advancement in aviation.

  • Modern Fleet & Facilities

    Learn To Fly Melbourne offers state-of-the-art training facilities and a modern fleet of aircraft equipped with the latest technology. We are the only Victorian flying school operating Diamond Aircraft, and the twin-engine Diamond DA42 allows you the option of completing multi-engine training. Student facilities include fully digitised classrooms, direct airside access and a range of the latest flight simulators.

Supercharge Your Flying Career

What Do We Offer?

Learn To Fly Pilot Cadet Pilot Program not only ensures a job placement for you as a pilot but also adds a layer of job security, propelling you towards achieving your career goals more efficiently. It’s an opportunity to fast-track your path to becoming a pilot with guaranteed professional opportunities waiting for you upon completion.

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Our Graduate

Chunki (Peter) Cheung

“The LTF Pilot Job Guarantee Program opens the door for people like me to step into the aviation industry with a clear pathway. I started my flight training from zero here and now I am working as a Flight Instructor. LTF offers abundant training options to help students establish their knowledge and skills and prepare them for their future aviation career.”

See Peter’s full story here.