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Meet LTF Flight Instructor Rating Graduate David Marien

In our last blog, we outlined how the Flight Instructor Rating course can get your pilot career off to a flying start. Grade 2 Learn To Fly Flight Instructor David Marien completed the Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) course with us, and immediately joined our team. In less than 12 months he has now progressed to Grade 2 Flight Instructor status and has completed a Night VFR Training Endorsement, with more endorsements on the way. We asked him for his thoughts on the Flight Instructor Rating course:

What did you learn during the Flight Instructor Rating course?

The Flight Instructor Rating is a demanding course that really builds upon the knowledge acquired during your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). In order to be able to teach something you need a thorough understanding of the topic. I was surprised by the depth of knowledge required to teach even the simplest flying lessons.

Hard work should and will be required to reach the competency standards both theoretically and practically.

How has completing the Flight Instructor Rating course benefited your aviation career?

The course has not benefited my aviation career as much as it has started it! Instructing skills are highly desirable. Even in the difficult context of the current health crisis, the big picture demographic reality remains. The shortage of pilots will be a major limiting factor to renewed growth in the next few decades. The only way to train more pilots is through qualified instructors.

Like many before me, instructing is my first job in aviation. It is a really great way to consolidate and expand my flying skills.

How have you progressed as a Flight Instructor since completing your Flight Instructor Rating?

Learn To Fly is a flight school that aggressively supports the upskilling of motivated instructors. In less than 12 months since completing my Flight Instructor Rating, I’ve progressed from a Grade 3 instructor to a Grade 2 instructor. I have also completed a Night VFR Training Endorsement, and am currently working on both Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating Training Endorsements.

What is the next step in your pilot career?

At the moment, I am trying not to focus too much on the “next step”. I enjoy “the current step” and want to become really good at what I do. Without generalising, many pilots tend to be highly motivated, goal-oriented personalities. These qualities are certainly desirable and allow pilots to achieve great things. But, they can also get in the way of simply enjoying what you are doing today by needing to constantly shift the goalposts. 

I am taking great delight in watching my students progress, as well as furthering my own skills. Eventually, I may succumb to the temptation of flying something bigger in a commercial setting, but I am not in any hurry.

In instructing, my immediate goal is to teach instrument flying. It is a part of my training that really connected with me. I believe I would really enjoy teaching it, and provide good value for the students.

David Marien DA40 Flight
Enjoying Victoria’s stunning scenery on a navigational flight with a student pilot. Image: David Marien

What did you like most about completing your FIR training with Learn To Fly?

My favourite part of Learn To Fly is that it is just the right size. The flight school is large enough to have access to great training resources, a modern fleet, plus state-of-the-art simulators and facilities. However, it is also small enough to remain “human size”, because it’s important to never forget the “human face” of this industry.

Since starting here as a student and then joining the team as an instructor, I have never felt like just another number. During my Flight Instructor Rating, I felt like individuality, personal strengths and weaknesses were not just tolerated, but actually encouraged. LTF instructors use these things to tailor a most efficient and enjoyable course.

On a different note, we have students and instructors from many countries and cultures. There are always lively interactions between people that make this place feel unique and vibrant. I once heard students and instructors speaking 7 different languages in the break room at the same time, and I was instantly proud to be a part of this environment.

Livestream Boeing B767-300ER Flight from Tokyo To Sapporo with LTF Instructors

Join David and fellow LTF Flight Instructor Jed Joven as they live stream a flight from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Sapporo New Chitose Airport in an ANA Boeing B767-300ER on X-Plane Flight Sim 2020 at 2000EDT on Sunday October 11th 2020!

David and Jed will run you through simulated B767-300ER airliner procedures to give you an insight in to some of the things airline pilots think about on an actual flight. You’ll be able to experience cockpit views with detailed instrumentation as well as stunning external views during the flight. You will also have the opportunity to comment and ask questions during the flight. Neither Jed nor David are type rated on an actual B767, and this livestream is just for entertainment purposes. However, as flight instructors with a passion for sim flying, they will be able to provide valuable insight.

Click the link to the video below and you can set yourself a reminder for this event on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get access to future livestreamed flights as well as other great flight training content.

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