November 29, 2023

Becoming a Flight Instructor

Working as a Flight Instructor is one of the most rewarding aviation careers you can choose. The feeling of watching someone you trained fly solo for the first time is like nothing else, trust us. To work as a Flight Instructor, you need to obtain a Flight Instructor Rating (FIR). It’s a rewarding and exciting challenge and a fantastic option for anyone chasing a career in aviation. Let’s take a look at what’s required to become a Flight Instructor, what pathways there are and why you should consider enrolling today.

Learning to Teach

In obtaining a FIR, you will learn the necessary skills and knowledge to teach the pilots of tomorrow to fly. You’ll learn how to deliver the flight training syllabus, typical flight instruction techniques and how to tailor your instruction to different learning styles. You’ll also go further in-depth in areas you’ve already studied as a student. Gain a deeper knowledge of areas such as aircraft systems and operation, regulatory requirements, navigation and human factors. In addition to the theory, Learn To Fly’s FIR course includes 36 hours of Dual Flight Training. Our FIR course can be completed full-time in 12 weeks, or part-time typically over 6 – 12 months.

Where Will an FIR Lead Me?

Obtaining an FIR will allow you to train new students to fly aircraft all around Australia. For students chasing a career in Flight Instruction, the FIR allows you to work in your dream job, passing on your knowledge to eager students. Should you wish to progress further as a Flight Instructor, you may then choose to undertake further study, to conduct more advanced training. Learn To Fly offers a number of advanced training courses, including the Grade 1 & Grade 2 Training Endorsement, allowing you to take on further responsibilities.

For pilots looking for a career more broadly in the aviation industry, getting your FIR is still a smart choice. It will allow you to gain experience within the industry, while you work towards whatever other career you may be chasing. It looks fantastic on your resume, and – most importantly – you get to spend your days and make your money flying. Many airline and commercial pilots hold some level of instruction endorsement, and many intend to return to instruction as an end-of-career move too.

Working as A Flight Instructor

A typical day in the life of a Flight Instructor in Australia is dynamic and filled with various responsibilities. A flight instructor’s schedule can vary, but here’s a general outline of what you might expect.

Flight Instructors begin their day with a thorough weather check to assess flying conditions. This will involve reviewing weather charts, forecasts and NOTAMs. From there, a typical morning would involve pre-flight briefings with students, and discussing the objectives for the day’s lessons. Training flights would then follow, providing guidance to students from the right seat. Upon returning from a training flight, an afternoon may involve classroom time with students to study theory, followed by various administrative tasks.

A Truly Rewarding Career

A career as a Flight Instructor can be a deeply rewarding and fulfilling career path for a number of compelling reasons.


Flight instructors have the unique opportunity to mentor and shape the next generation of aviators. Sharing your knowledge and expertise with aspiring pilots is not only a chance to give back to the aviation community but also to make a lasting impact on individuals’ lives and careers.

Skill Development

As an instructor, you continually refine your own piloting skills and deepen your understanding of aviation. Teaching others requires a comprehensive knowledge of flight theory, aircraft systems, regulations, and decision-making, making you a more proficient and knowledgeable pilot.

Personal Growth

Flight instruction challenges you to become a better communicator, problem solver, and leader. You learn to adapt your teaching style to individual learning needs, which enhances your interpersonal and instructional abilities.

Safety Advocacy

Flight instructors play a crucial role in instilling a strong safety culture in aviation. You impart not just the technical skills but also the safety mindset that is vital for the industry’s continued growth and safety.

Variety and Adventure

Every day as a flight instructor is different. You work with students from diverse backgrounds, tackle various challenges, and experience a wide range of flying conditions. It’s an adventurous career that keeps you engaged and excited.

Job Stability

The demand for qualified flight instructors often remains strong, providing job stability in the aviation industry. Experienced instructors may also have opportunities to advance into positions such as chief instructor or check pilot.

Professional Accomplishment

Graduating successful pilots who achieve their licenses and ratings is a source of great professional satisfaction. Witnessing your students’ progress and seeing them soar as confident, capable pilots is an immensely rewarding experience.

In summary, a career as a Flight Instructor offers the opportunity to combine your passion for flying with a meaningful and impactful role in nurturing the future of aviation. It’s a career that fosters personal and professional growth, instils a strong sense of accomplishment, and allows you to share your love of flight with others. If this is something that sparks your interest, get in touch with Learn To Fly today!

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