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Enter The World Of Online Flight Training

Check and Training Captain Darren McPherson from ACS – Aviation Consulting Services discusses how modern flight training technology and the ability to learn via online distance learning is changing the game for student pilots.

Many define learning as a “change in behaviour from previous experience”. This definition has existed for as long as teachers have been teaching and as long as students have been learning. This approach continues to be one of the longest and most established definitions when we take part in any form of education.

Moving With The Times

As times advance so do technologies, and the standards and methods by which we learn also continue to evolve. The traditional concept of learning in a physical classroom setting with your teacher and classmates has moved forward. The classroom of the future is very much digital, with modern flight training technology providing great opportunities for flexible learning.

We can now communicate faster than ever with each other globally from telephones, personal tablets, laptops and other devices from almost anywhere. These devices give us instant and worldwide access via applications such as Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, as well as more dedicated software that has become widely available.

Zoom Meeting online software has become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and is widely used for video, audio, and file sharing. This software has allowed for crossing of borders and time zones globally with uses ranging from personal chit-chat through to various forms of sophisticated classroom learning.

A Changing Flight Training Landscape

At Learn To Fly, we actively look at ways to further our capabilities, by embracing modern flight training technology and combining it with software such as Zoom Meeting. Whilst the pandemic has presented us with enormous challenges in the education landscape, it has also forced us to find new ways to reach more people.


We now offer online distance learning via Zoom for a wide range of courses. These include theory sessions in a “live online classroom” environment all the way through to the varied and advanced levels of airline interview preparation, technical subject reviews and more recently flight instructor training.

We have been recording our live Zoom classroom training sessions, which allows us to offer online distance learning in both a live environment, and an online subscription. Both options allow us to provide students with the opportunity to learn from wherever they are in the world, and regardless of time constraints.

The Learn To Fly Student Portal

Our online student portal has evolved to be one of the most comprehensive training experiences offered by any flight school in Australia. The modern flight training technology we offer extends beyond just Zoom Meeting classes.


We have recently become the first flight school in Australia to adopt the Aviation eLearning V360E platform, which provides students with a 360 degree cockpit environment. Within the V360E cockpit, students can run through all of their procedures. Each step is outlined in detail with imagery/video and text, enhancing both the experience and the quality of the training.

Our reach has extended from Australia outwards to multiple countries within Asia, the continents of Africa, Europe, and the United States – and even as far as the South Pole!

We will continue to push the boundaries by exploring and utilising the most modern flight training technology and online distance learning platforms available. Whilst the current pandemic has hindered our ability to do many things, don’t let it hinder your future goals and flight training objectives.

Captain Darren McPherson from ACS – Aviation Consulting Services is a Check and Training Captain with a major international airline, with over 30 years of industry experience. We are proud to offer a range of highly successful airline pilot interview preparation courses taught by Darren. For more information head to

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