Brett Martin

Grade 2 LTF Instructor Brett Martin was born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful coastal area south-west of Melbourne that he’s now lucky enough to fly over as part of his job!

After completing a Trial Introductory Flight at Tyabb Airport, Brett was immediately hooked – and once he had begun his studies to become a pilot, he simply couldn’t see himself doing anything else for a career. He hopes to work towards becoming a Grade 1 Flight Instructor, and would one day love to be flying airliners.

From Brett: “The part of flying I love the most is the feeling of freedom once you leave the ground. It’s something that will never ever get old.”

Paul Wydymus

Melbourne born and raised, LTF Grade 2 Instructor Paul Wydymus started flying in 2016, and has been flying commercially since 2019. As a small child he was captivated by flying, and his passion for aviation continued to grow as he got older.

Key moments in his developing love for aviation included an experience flying in the B737 simulator at the Qantas Flight Training Centre in 2012, and then taking the controls of an aircraft for the very first time during a Trial Introductory Flight in 2013 – the latter of which really cemented his goal of becoming a pilot.

Now as an instructor, Paul’s passion and sense of pride is in putting in the effort to see his students improve with patience and perseverance, learn important new pilot skills and ultimately achieve milestones in their training.

Paul’s long-term goal is to work towards flying in an aeromedical role for the RFDS if the opportunity arises. At this stage though, he is just enjoying each and every aspect of flying and appreciating the fact that he is able to pursue something he is so passionate about. We are thrilled to have Paul join the LTF Flight Instructor Team!

Abhishek Khanna

LTF Grade 2 Flight Instructor Abhishek Khanna was born in India and moved to Australia at age 11. He caught the aviation bug early, when he was invited into the cockpit of an airliner at age 4, and completed his Commercial Pilot Licence in 2018.

As a Flight Instructor, Abhishek enjoys the satisfaction of helping student pilots achieve their aviation goals, and seeing them progress due to his direct input.

He’s one day love to fly an airliner, and can’t wait to marvel at the views from cruising altitude.

Kenny Won

Grade 2 LTF Instructor Kenny Won is originally from Korea and grew up in Hong Kong, and was fascinated by planes from a young age. He still clearly remembers a visit to the cockpit of an Airbus A320 during a flight when he was about 7 or 8 years old, and making the decision that this was what he wanted to do in the future.

Kenny started flying in 2017 in the USA, and obtained his PPL training part time whilst also studying at University. Following Uni, he returned to Hong Kong and worked in another industry for a couple of years before a career in the sky called to him.

He came to Australia and completed his CPL and Flight Instructor Rating with us here at LTF in 2019, and we’re now thrilled to welcome him back as an Instructor. Kenny’s ultimate goal is flying with an international airline.

Summer Russell

LTF Grade 2 Flight Instructor Summer Russell grew up west of Melbourne in the city of Geelong, and began her pilot journey at the start of 2018. During her final year at high school she went on a Trial Introductory Flight out of Lethbridge Airport, and was immediately hooked on flying.

After finishing her school studies she went on to complete a Diploma of Aviation, immediately followed by a Flight Instructor Rating course with us here at Learn To Fly. As an Instructor, Summer looks forward to passing on her knowledge to the next generation of pilots as they grow and learn, beginning their own aviation journeys.

Excited to see where her pilot career takes her, she would one day love to join a major airline. At this early stage though, Summer is keen to focus on making the most of each rewarding step as she builds her flying skillset, and enjoying the unique perspective of the world that only a pilot gets to see every day.

Chun Ki (Peter) Cheung

Chun Ki started flying in July 2018, right here at Learn To Fly. We have watched him progress through his CPL training, followed by a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating and Flight Instructor Rating. He is the first student to have joined the team having completed every single part of their training with us, and we are very excited to have him on board.

Originally from Hong Kong, Chun Ki has always been fascinated by the sky. After initially starting to study a different degree after high school, he realised quickly that his dream was to become a pilot. At age 18, on his own, he bought himself a plane ticket to Melbourne, organised accommodation, and booked in to start training with LTF – and the rest is history!

Whilst becoming an airline pilot in the future is the long-term dream, right now Chun Ki is focused on enjoying every step of his journey as he continues to learn. We look forward to watching his career grow as well!

Ahmed Ibrahim

Grade 2 Multi-Engine IFR Flight Instructor Ahmed Ibrahim has been flying for over 20 years. As a child growing up in Cairo, Egypt, he always wanted to be a pilot and loved looking down at the terrain far below every time he flew.

Ahmed has always enjoyed instructing and teaching throughout his career. 5 years ago he decided to combine his hobby and passion to become a full-time instructor.

As an ultimate pilot career goal, he would love to one day own his own flying school teaching next generation ATPLs and specialising in high-performance aircraft instruction.