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Grade 2 Archives - Learn To Fly Melbourne

Sachin De Silva

Sachin was born and raised in Melbourne. From a young age, the allure to the skies beckoned to him, sparked by a trial flight at the age of 13.

Currently holding a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with a frozen Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), he has also achieved the esteemed status of a Grade 2 Flight Instructor with an invaluable Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) endorsement. His aviation pursuits are driven by a passion for the challenge, relishing the demanding conditions that test his limits and drive him to refine his skills with precision and excellence.

In the short term, Sachin aspires to attain endorsements in Formation Flying and Training, seeking to broaden his professional horizons. Yet, his ambitions reach far into the future, envisioning himself in the coveted role of a captain for an airline, where he can inspire and lead within the aviation community.

Beyond the cockpit, Sachin’s interests extend into the realms of art and creativity. He finds solace and joy in videography and photography, skillfully capturing moments that resonate with his artistic vision. However, his ultimate dream job transcends conventional aviation aspirations. Sachin aspires to become a test pilot for industry giants like Boeing or Airbus, a role that merges his passion for flying with a pursuit of innovation and technical excellence.

Sachin’s journey in aviation is a testament to his unwavering determination, thirst for challenge, and drive to reach for the skies. As he strives to transform his dreams into reality, the horizon is limitless, promising a future pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of aviation.

Martin Hussey

Martin’s fascination with aviation took root when a family trip exposed him to the world of flying. A chance to explore the cockpit ignited a lifelong passion for aviation.

Having completed a Bachelor of Aviation in Queensland, followed by rigorous training at the Qantas Group Pilot Academy, he relocated to Melbourne and further fortified his expertise by achieving his G3 FIR at Learn To Fly. Martin aspires to progress through the instructing ranks, aiming for Grade 2 and, ultimately, a Grade 1. Beyond his instructional role, his sights are set on serving with either the Royal Flying Doctor Service or the airlines.

When Martin’s feet are on the ground, he finds joy in sports like Cricket, AFL (where he passionately supports West Coast), and Formula 1. His curiosity about the world drives him to explore different cultures through travel, an endeavour that enriches his perspective. Martin finds profound fulfilment in imparting his wisdom to eager minds, witnessing their growth, and guiding them toward achieving their flying ambitions. Through every takeoff and landing, Martin’s journey continues to be one of passion, determination, and pursuit.

Alex Chen

Alex grew up in Hong Kong and later moved to Melbourne at the age of 15. After completing high school in Melbourne, Alex embarked on their flight training journey.

Having spent time at the Hong Kong International Airport during their upbringing, Alex developed a profound fascination for aviation. Witnessing the aircraft on the ground and in the air conducting operations sparked their interest in pursuing a career as a pilot. In high school, as Alex delved deeper into flight training, the realisation of the opportunity to become a pilot solidified their decision to follow this path wholeheartedly.

Alex’s flight training commenced where they honed their skills for about a year before transitioning to completing their Bachelor of Aviation (Pilot Training) and obtained their RPL, PPL, CPL, and FIR licenses.

Presently, as a Grade 3 flight instructor, Alex’s sights are set on further progression. The aspiration is to upgrade to Grade 2 and attain additional ratings and endorsements, including multi-engine class rating and IFR. Alex also expresses an eagerness to fly and teach with tailwheel aircraft. Ultimately, his dream is to work for a major international airline.

The allure of flying lies in the exhilarating experience and the breathtaking views it offers. The ability to multitask and maintain control of an aircraft serves as a constant source of fascination for Alex. In his role as a flight instructor, Alex finds immense satisfaction in assisting others in achieving their dreams of becoming pilots.

Outside of aviation, Alex enjoys playing soccer in their leisure time, though they humorously admit not being the most skilled player.

Jake Lummis

Growing up, it was flying RC Model Aircraft that sparked Jake’s interest in aviation. Having attended airshows and completed a Trial Introductory Flight, a decision was made then to pursue aviation after school.

In 2014 Jake started flying lessons and trained/studied part-time while working. He then completed an Instructor Rating in 2018 where he then worked as an Instructor. Jake aims to become a Grade 1 Instructor, to complete his Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating — and then eventually fly larger aircraft in charter/air transport operations. 

Outside of flying, Jake enjoys the outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking and follows AFL (Big Western Bulldogs Fan!) and the F1. Jake prides himself on being a bit of a perfectionist, attentive and considerate person (we agree!).

Ask Jake what he enjoys most about his job and he will tell you two things — flying, and seeing students progress through the training.

Shayaan Sohtra

Shayaan is a Grade 2 Flight instructor here at Learn To Fly. Growing up in the Middle East — Shayaan was always travelling to see family in other countries. Shayaan shares his favourite part about holidaying was boarding the aircraft, which kickstarted his fascination for aviation. He always knew he wanted to be a pilot from a very young age.

When Shayaan moved to Australia, he started flying at Moorabbin when he was 16. He was able to obtain his RPL at 17 and continued flying after finishing school and later finished his PPL, and CPL with us here at Learn To Fly.  Shayaan also achieved his MEIR as well as FIR with us at Learn To Fly.

Shayaan is outgoing, vibrant and personable and always loves a good discussion. 

What he enjoys about instructing the most is getting to know students’ dreams and ambitions and helping them achieve them! Shayaan believes that motivation is a great drive but flight training is sometimes challenging so his goal is always to communicate and challenge students to think outside the box.

Shayaan is living part of his dream right now because ever since he started flight training he wanted to be an instructor. In the long term, he aims to fly the PC-24 for the RFDS, helping people and meeting their needs.

Hannah Burnett

Hannah was born and raised in Melbourne. She studied for the Diploma of Aviation and went on to achieve her CPL and Multi-engine Class Rating. 

When going on holidays, Hannah often looked forward to flying. Pursuing an aviation career was always on her mind as a possibility after high school, but she first attended university for a year. After that year, she realised that her passion for aviation was stronger, and had never looked back. 

Hannah loves instructing her students, she takes great joy in passing on her knowledge and seeing them progress. She says it is very rewarding to watch them develop their own skills and show understanding of her lessons.

Hannah would love to one day fly for a major airline. In the immediate future, she looks forward to becoming a grade 1, and then multi-engine instructor. 

Freddie Hui

Freddie came from Hong Kong to begin his flying career in Melbourne. He completed all his training at Learn to Fly achieving his RPL, PPL, CPL and MECIR right through to his Instructor Rating. Being 100% Learn to Fly made as a student, Freddie has continued his flying career with us as an instructor, coming full circle to help others achieve their goals. 

During Freddie’s childhood, he was always fascinated by planes flying through the sky. Now, Freddie says that he enjoys every moment of flying while passing on what he has learned to his students. He says that “students have the best classroom in the world from the cockpit, with a breathtaking view.”

Freddie is looking forward to progressing his career by pursuing his Instrument Rating and gaining experience in different aircraft particularly Multi-engine aircraftwhich he hopes to master and one day teach. 

Lucas Rigg

Lucas was born and raised in Melbourne, bouncing around the South East suburbs.

Lucas grew up going to the Avalon AirShow with his dad whenever it was on, however, his journey to becoming a pilot began years later after finishing high school.

His first year out of school Lucas was looking for inspiration on what to pursue. After being prompted by a friend who had started their flight training, Lucas went on a whim and gave it a go. He completed his Bachelor of Science (Aviation) and began flight training. 2 years later he obtained his CPL and decided the next best step would be to start instructing.

In the future, Lucas is interested in starting to instruct aerobatics and tailwheel. Eventually, he hopes to fly for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and explore float plane flying.

Tom Logan

Melbourne-born Grade 2 LTF Flight Instructor Tom Logan was fascinated by flying from a young age, and whilst he always really wanted to be a pilot, life had other plans initially. After high school Tom decided that learning to fly wasn’t really something he was able to afford, and so instead pursued a successful professional career as a Civil Engineer.

Fast forward 7 years, and that urge to fly was still there. Tom decided to look into his options again, found a way to make it work, and decided that he couldn’t let the opportunity pass him by. In another twist, Tom’s decision to switch from an established career to learning to fly came just before the COVID pandemic took hold. Despite the enormous challenges that presented, he wasn’t giving up.

Tom completed his CPL, MECIR and then a Flight Instructor Rating with us here at LTF – and now we welcome him to the team as a Flight Instructor. What a great success story, and an excellent example of why it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

Now as a professional pilot, Tom loves the feeling of being in the air and getting a perspective on the world that is totally different to what we get on the ground – and his ultimate goal is to become an airline pilot.

Brandon Sundaralingam

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Melbourne, Grade 2 Learn To Fly Flight Instructor Brandon Sundaralingam has always loved anything aviation and travel-related. In 2017 he went for a Trial Introductory Flight and a session in the Boeing B737 simulator, and enjoyed it so much that he started flight training the following year.

After starting his training with another flight school, Brandon completed his CPL with us here at LTF. He then completed his MECIR with us, and then a Flight Instructor Rating, and now we’re thrilled to welcome him to our instructor team!

Brandon would one day like to see himself flying from the left seat of an Australia-based airline, and in the meantime:

“The sights you see from above are truly amazing, and the dynamic nature of flying keeps it fun/interesting 100% of the time.”