Cam Meyer

Aviation has always been a part of Cam Meyer’s life. Following in his father’s footsteps, he first took flying lessons in 1982; however, school and university delayed flying training in earnest until 1992. Cam’s interest in the technical aspects of aeroplanes and piloting is what led to him becoming a flight instructor, working at various flying schools at Moorabbin and at Avalon. 

Most of his flying in the past 12 years has been with aerial photographers and flight instructor training, but he had the most fun as an aerobatics joy flight pilot and training for a low-level rating. 

Cam developed an interest in aviation safety management when it started emerging as a “new idea” for general aviation in the early 2000s, introducing formal safety systems for the flying schools worked for and eventually taking it on as a full-time role in 2020.

Cam applies his extensive knowledge and experience in aviation and safety management to his role at Learn to Fly as a Part 142 Safety Manager. He is responsible for investigating and reporting on the company’s aviation risk exposure management and fostering a robust safety culture within the organisation, an ideal that must be fiercely defended and meticulously nurtured. 

Cam enjoys cycling to work every day with Pepper the dog in her trailer behind to find out what challenges have to be met each day.

John Sabato

John Sabato from Prepared Consultancy Australia is our expert Airline Interview Preparation Consultant. John has a wealth of experience across various sectors of the aviation industry, with a career spanning more than 10 years.

For 7 of these years John flew with Cathay Pacific, where he was a First Officer, flying the Airbus A330 and A350 type aircraft on long-haul routes. John’s own journey to becoming an airline pilot with Cathay was assisted by the comprehensive preparation offered by an airline interview preparation course.

This pathway has provided him with a unique perspective on the process and requirements, and an understanding of just how important that first airline application and interview is. It has also given him a huge passion for assisting others to get their own “first airline start”. We’re thrilled to have John on board for our Future Cadet Pilot Program and Airline Interview Coaching Session courses, to help give the next generation of airline pilot hopefuls the sound preparation and competitive edge they need to succeed in their applications and interviews.

Elton Malowney

Whilst he has always had a fascination with aircraft and how they fly, it was a joy flight on an Air Force Cadets recruiting weekend that made Elton actually think to himself “I want to fly these for a living”.

After high school, he completed a Bachelor of Aviation degree, and then followed that by completing a Flight Instructor Rating here with us at Learn To Fly.

Elton is a self-confessed “aviation geek” and enjoys learning about the engineering side of aircraft and their systems. As a pilot, he loves the peace and freedom you feel when flying through the air, leaving the noise and commotion of the world behind even just for a brief moment.

In his current role as LTF’s Student Admissions Manager, Elton is on the ground inspiring and helping new pilots to chase their aviation dreams, whilst also working towards his own flying goals of one day sitting in the cockpit of a Boeing B787 Dreamliner or Airbus A350 with a major airline.

Ahamed Zayaan

Originally from Kandy in Sri Lanka, Ahamed studied a BSc Degree in Computer Sciences in the UK before moving to Australia. He has been working as a Web and EDM Developer here in Australia for more than 5 years, and recently launched his own digital agency “Webtual Digital”.

Ahamed is a guru in all things digital and web development – his specialties include WordPress (and Plugins), ACF, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and JQuery, MySQL, online commerce, graphic design and much more.

We aim to lead the way when it comes to the capabilities of our online presence and training platform, making flight training more accessible to more people from more places, and creating a training model for the next generation of pilots. We’re thrilled to have Ahamed’s talents on hand in the web and digital space to help make that a reality.

Nicholas Perrett

Nicholas Perrett grew up in Brisbane and his first involvement with aviation was using his pocket money to buy a LEGO Airport set when he was 12 years old. Living under one of the Brisbane Airport flight paths, he often looked up in wonder at these giant engineering marvels cruising overhead and got his first taste of flying on a Qantas Mystery Flight to Sydney in a Boeing B767.

Nicholas studied commercial photography at Griffith University before taking on a career in property valuations that saw him travel extensively throughout Australia. Some 20 years later he has revisited his early interest in aviation and is currently studying a Bachelor Degree in Aviation Management, whilst also taking on the role of Student Recruitment Manager at LTF.

As well as looking forward to working with our student pilots, Nicholas hopes to start flying himself and achieve his own Private Pilot Licence in the near future. His long term career ambitions include working with a major airline like Qantas in a high-level management role or to procure the next generation of their aircraft fleet.

Stephen Kong

Grade 1 Flight Instructor Stephen Kong was born in Malaysia and grew up in Melbourne with a fascination for planes and aviation. He has been flying since 2013 and completed his flight training right here at Moorabbin Airport.

After completing his training, Stephen spent a number of years working as a Flight Instructor at Moorabbin. His instructor role saw him heavily involved in the training of airline cadets before he eventually joined a major Asian airline himself as a pilot.

As a pilot, Stephen loves the unique views of the world he gets to see from above. He’s looking forward to working with student pilots again, and we are thrilled to have his extensive aviation experience here at Learn To Fly.

Darren McPherson

Senior Captain Darren McPherson has over 30 years and 18,000 hours of flying experience. Starting his career as an aero club boy, Darren is a great example of what can be achieved through perseverance and dedication.

His experience as an aviation career specialist has helped countless pilots to achieve their dreams of flying for major airlines around the world. We are extremely lucky to have his wealth of knowledge on board here at Learn To Fly as a highly valuable associate consultant.

Sarah Steele

Sarah Steele joins Learn To Fly as our Principal Executive Officer, she grew up in Townsville Queensland and was drawn to aviation through a love of maths and physics, as well as the fact that it looked like a fun and exciting career path.

Sarah obtained her CPL in 2012, adding a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) in 2018, and lists flying charters over to the islands off Townsville in a twin-engine Piper Chieftain as being some of her favourite moments in her pilot career so far.

As a previous IFR Charter Pilot, flying Chieftains in North Queensland, Sarah is passionate about supporting students throughout their study at Learn To Fly and providing career advice on their next step after graduating.

Ahmed Ibrahim

Grade 2 Multi-Engine IFR Flight Instructor Ahmed Ibrahim has been flying for over 20 years. As a child growing up in Cairo, Egypt, he always wanted to be a pilot and loved looking down at the terrain far below every time he flew.

Ahmed has always enjoyed instructing and teaching throughout his career. 5 years ago he decided to combine his hobby and passion to become a full-time instructor.

As an ultimate pilot career goal, he would love to one day own his own flying school teaching next generation ATPLs and specialising in high-performance aircraft instruction.

Joshua Best

Josh started his flying training at age 16 but was born with aviation in his blood. He remembers flying around the Victorian Gippsland region in Cessna 172s with his grandfather as a small child, as well as regular trips to some of the larger airports to watch the “big planes” coming and going.

As a Flight Instructor, Josh loves the fact that every day there is something different to teach. He’s also a big fan of the fact that typically, every customer or student leaves with a smile on their face after flying.

Whilst Josh would one day love to fly in a domestic passenger transport role, his ultimate goal is to join the Royal Flying Doctor Service.