Michela Mandarino

After completing her Diploma of Business Administration in 2019, Michela got a job in an RTO and loved it. Since then, she has worked in a variety of RTO roles all focusing on supporting and helping each student reach their full potential. 

Michela loves assisting students from the first initial conversation they have with their enrollment to the moment they complete their qualification, so when the opportunity came here at Learn to Fly as a student enrollment/support officer, she jumped at it. Michela has always had an interest in aviation, how everything works in the cockpit and hopes she can go up and sit inside and observe from afar. 

Rickque Lim

Meet Rickque, a fusion of engineering brilliance and aviation hailing from Malaysia. Holding an engineering degree alongside a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR), Rickque’s passion for aviation knows no bounds.

In 2019, Rickque embarked on a transformative journey that carried them across the skies during a student exchange program in Melbourne. Drawn by the allure of this city’s aviation dreamscape, Rickque returned with a profound mission – to guide, support, and uplift aspiring aviation enthusiasts. Within the aviation industry’s boundless horizons, Rickque stands ready to empower fresh talents and relentless dream-chasers.

Rickque has an ultimate colourful goal of securing a turbojet-powered aircraft type rating and attaining the coveted title of an airline pilot.

Jomsy Mani

Jomsy was born and raised in Kerala, the captivating state in Southern India known for its landscapes and serene backwater, where she developed a deep appreciation for education. She dedicated herself as a passionate physical science teacher in secondary schools, instilling a love for the sciences in the minds of young learners. Those early experiences shaped her commitment to education and ignited a desire to make a difference in students’ lives.

In 2011, Jomsy made the decision to settle in Australia, specifically in the city of Melbourne, which she now proudly calls home. Over the years, Jomsy has contributed significantly to the education sector in various roles, focusing on critical areas such as quality assurance, risk management, compliance monitoring, and policy development. Her role also involved data reporting, student progress monitoring, system analysis, business process design, and systems implementation and training.

Jomsy’s ultimate goal in this field is to continue making meaningful contributions towards RTO compliance, explicitly aiming to uphold the highest standards and align with the goals of Learn To Fly Melbourne. She is passionate about ensuring that educational organisations provide students with the best possible learning experience while maintaining integrity and adherence to compliance standards.

Cherishing exploring new destinations, immersing herself in diverse cultures, and savouring various cuisines is something Jomsy enjoys in her spare time. Adding “Pilot experience” to her bucket list is a goal that promises to unlock a new world of adventure and exploration from the cockpit, which allows her to take to the skies and explore the world from a unique perspective.

Rossetti Kwan

In 2015 Rossettii moved to Melbourne, where they experienced the city’s unpredictable weather, often jokingly referring to “8 weathers in 2 hours”.  Among the wonders of the sky, rainbows hold a special fascination for Rossetti, symbolising hope, new beginnings, and transformation.

Throughout their career, Rossetti has gained diverse experiences in various fields, including wholesale and retail, manufacturing and production, secretarial and financial services, eCommerce, community services, and education. Among these, their favourite job involved working on philanthropy projects in Hong Kong.

Looking ahead, Rossetti’s dreams and ambitions lie in the world of aviation. They find great joy in facilitating the dreams of their students, from witnessing their first solo flights to congratulating them on passing theory exams. This fulfilling role at Learn to Fly allows Rossetti to contribute to the students’ journeys and help them achieve their aviation aspirations.

Rossetti’s academic background is rooted in numbers and mathematics. They hold a Master’s in Professional Accountancy from HK CyberU of HK Polytechnic University and a Diploma in Computer Studies from HK Computer Education Centre. Describing themselves as a curiouser and leisure photographer, Rossetti enjoys observing quietly and finds relaxation in classical orchestras with string instruments. Their patience with puzzles and admiration for the wonders of Mother Nature on Earth is evident in their outlook on life, which they sum up as “Take and Give,” embracing continuous learning and contributing to the well-being of others.

Presently, Rossetti holds the position of Finance Manager at Learn to Fly. Their journey within the organisation started as a Bookkeeper, eventually taking on responsibilities at the front desk and progressing to the role of Accounting Manager before settling into their current position.

Luke Wu

Luke Wu grew up in Singapore, where he obtained his Diploma in Aviation Management and Services before getting his Bachelor in Aviation Management (Hons) from Massey University in New Zealand. As a student, Luke always enjoyed delving into the inner workings of the aviation industry, understanding the many layers that encompass what we now see as a commonplace occurrence. 

Since moving to Melbourne with his wife and 3 dogs in 2022, Luke has rekindled his interest in working in the aviation sector whilst building on his passion for out-of-classroom teaching methods and student welfare management. Luke wants to help students realise their dream of becoming pilots, especially those from countries with more limited General Aviation opportunities.

Maximillian Fairclough

A creative observer, Max travelled the world documenting and creative directing in the music and entertainment industry for over a decade. Growing up in Perth, his curiosity and drive persuaded him to follow his work to North America before settling back in Australia and calling Melbourne home.

While Max’s principal focus was in the music and entrainment world, he was a creative director and producer for several Tourism Australia campaigns. Also, he played a role in the creative and photographic operations at Uber.

With a constant aspiration to develop something new, Max brings a balance of his expertise and creativity here at Learn To Fly. In his role here, Max is tasked with creating, planning and delivering a strategic vision. He is responsible for maintaining a cohesive visual and thematic style that displays the day-to-day operations, achievements and mantra at Learn To Fly and ensuring all creative executions remain faithful to the brand.

Max finds incredible satisfaction and reward in making things that allow people to connect, engage and stay curious. He also loves flying. 

Cam Meyer

Aviation has always been a part of Cam Meyer’s life. Following in his father’s footsteps, he first took flying lessons in 1982; however, school and university delayed flying training in earnest until 1992. Cam’s interest in the technical aspects of aeroplanes and piloting is what led to him becoming a flight instructor, working at various flying schools at Moorabbin and at Avalon. 

Most of his flying in the past 12 years has been with aerial photographers and flight instructor training, but he had the most fun as an aerobatics joy flight pilot and training for a low-level rating. 

Cam developed an interest in aviation safety management when it started emerging as a “new idea” for general aviation in the early 2000s, introducing formal safety systems for the flying schools worked for and eventually taking it on as a full-time role in 2020.

Cam applies his extensive knowledge and experience in aviation and safety management to his role at Learn to Fly as a Part 142 Safety Manager. He is responsible for investigating and reporting on the company’s aviation risk exposure management and fostering a robust safety culture within the organisation, an ideal that must be fiercely defended and meticulously nurtured. 

Cam enjoys cycling to work every day with Pepper the dog in her trailer behind to find out what challenges have to be met each day.

Darren McPherson

Senior Captain Darren McPherson has over 30 years and 18,000 hours of flying experience. Starting his career as an aero club boy, Darren is a great example of what can be achieved through perseverance and dedication.

His experience as an aviation career specialist has helped countless pilots to achieve their dreams of flying for major airlines around the world. We are extremely lucky to have his wealth of knowledge on board here at Learn To Fly as a highly valuable associate consultant.

Ahmed Ibrahim

Grade 2 Multi-Engine IFR Flight Instructor Ahmed Ibrahim has been flying for over 20 years. As a child growing up in Cairo, Egypt, he always wanted to be a pilot and loved looking down at the terrain far below every time he flew.

Ahmed has always enjoyed instructing and teaching throughout his career. 5 years ago he decided to combine his hobby and passion to become a full-time instructor.

As an ultimate pilot career goal, he would love to one day own his own flying school teaching next generation ATPLs and specialising in high-performance aircraft instruction.

Joshua Best

Josh started his flying training at age 16 but was born with aviation in his blood. He remembers flying around the Victorian Gippsland region in Cessna 172s with his grandfather as a small child, as well as regular trips to some of the larger airports to watch the “big planes” coming and going.

As a Flight Instructor, Josh loves the fact that every day there is something different to teach. He’s also a big fan of the fact that typically, every customer or student leaves with a smile on their face after flying.

Whilst Josh would one day love to fly in a domestic passenger transport role, his ultimate goal is to join the Royal Flying Doctor Service.