Louis Galatis

Louis’ career in aviation began at Moorabbin Airport a very long time ago. Now, as a retired International Airline Captain with 30+ years of experience, he is extremely proud to be back to where it all started. 

Having lived abroad for most of his working life, Louis has flown for Gulf Air based in Bahrain, Singapore Airlines based in Singapore, and Etihad Airways based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Over his long aviation career, he has operated the B737, B767, A340, B777 & B787. He is often asked if he has a favourite, “that is like choosing a favourite child” he often remarks.

Louis is enthusiastic to share his knowledge and experience flying commercial heavy jets covering ETOPS Operations across the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, he is also well versed in Low Visibility Procedures to CAT 111B. 

Before his retirement, he was a Type Rating Instructor (TRI) – B777 & B787 and a Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI) – B787. 

For Louis, being in the skies is the most rewarding career imaginable. He is extremely proud to now mentor aspiring young pilots who wish to further their careers in aviation. He strives to support the next generation of pilots in their development to advance their confidence, safety, and skills whilst also providing a unique insight into International Airline Operations. 

Lachlan Smith

Lachlan, a passionate aviation enthusiast, has been captivated by flight from a young age. Born with a deep-seated curiosity for flying, this lifelong interest in aviation would ultimately become the driving force behind his remarkable journey.

As a dedicated training manager, Lachlan has channelled his passion into assisting aspiring aviators in achieving their goals with precision and efficiency. With an unwavering commitment to guiding students towards their aviation dreams, he strives to ensure that they meet their objectives on time and with minimal delay. Lachlan knows that every moment counts in the world of aviation, and he brings his expertise and dedication to bear in helping students navigate their training with the utmost efficiency.

Outside the realm of aviation, Lachlan finds solace and joy in his love for sports and travel. Whether it’s cheering for his favourite team on the weekend or embarking on adventures to explore the world, he embraces the thrill of these activities with the same fervour that drives his work. Through these interests, Lachlan maintains a balance in his life, allowing him to recharge and bring fresh perspectives to his students and colleagues.

In all of these endeavours, he embodies a spirit of enthusiasm and dedication that continues to inspire those around him.

Karambir Singh

Karambir’s journey in the world of aviation took flight from the city of Auckland in New Zealand. In pursuit of a new horizon, he embarked on a remarkable educational journey where he spent his formative years in Sydney before relocating to Melbourne in 2016 to complete his education.

Initially, Karambir’s ambitions gravitated toward aeronautical engineering — however, his trajectory evolved, and he chose not to mend planes but to pilot them, guided by a growing passion for aviation.

Dedication to his newfound path, he earned an associate degree at RMIT between 2018 and 2019. The University recognised his exceptional commitment and talent, resulting in his employment as a Grade 3 Flight Instructor at the tender age of 19.

Throughout his journey, Karambir amassed a remarkable array of qualifications and expertise, including the prestigious Grade 1 Flight Instructor Rating, FIR, MECIR, Spinning & Acrobatics Rating, and a Formation Flying Endorsement. But for Karambir, the true reward of his work in aviation lies in the smiles he brings to his students’ faces. Guiding them on their inaugural solo flights and witnessing their successful flight test completions, ultimately moulding them into qualified, employable pilots, is a source of immense joy and pride.

Looking ahead, Karambir envisions a long-term goal that takes him to new heights—working with an airline, exploring the vast expanse of Australia, and eventually venturing out to explore the world, much like how he has thoroughly traversed every corner of Victoria as an instructor, Karambir’s aspirations are set on a global stage, where the sky is never the limit.

Cam Meyer

Aviation has always been a part of Cam Meyer’s life. Following in his father’s footsteps, he first took flying lessons in 1982; however, school and university delayed flying training in earnest until 1992. Cam’s interest in the technical aspects of aeroplanes and piloting is what led to him becoming a flight instructor, working at various flying schools at Moorabbin and at Avalon. 

Most of his flying in the past 12 years has been with aerial photographers and flight instructor training, but he had the most fun as an aerobatics joy flight pilot and training for a low-level rating. 

Cam developed an interest in aviation safety management when it started emerging as a “new idea” for general aviation in the early 2000s, introducing formal safety systems for the flying schools worked for and eventually taking it on as a full-time role in 2020.

Cam applies his extensive knowledge and experience in aviation and safety management to his role at Learn to Fly as a Part 142 Safety Manager. He is responsible for investigating and reporting on the company’s aviation risk exposure management and fostering a robust safety culture within the organisation, an ideal that must be fiercely defended and meticulously nurtured. 

Cam enjoys cycling to work every day with Pepper the dog in her trailer behind to find out what challenges have to be met each day.

Kenny Won

Grade 1 LTF Instructor Kenny Won is originally from Korea and grew up in Hong Kong, and was fascinated by planes from a young age. He still clearly remembers a visit to the cockpit of an Airbus A320 during a flight when he was about 7 or 8 years old, and making the decision that this was what he wanted to do in the future.

Kenny started flying in 2017 in the USA, and obtained his PPL training part time whilst also studying at University. Following Uni, he returned to Hong Kong and worked in another industry for a couple of years before a career in the sky called to him.

He came to Australia and completed his CPL and Flight Instructor Rating with us here at LTF in 2019, and we’re now thrilled to welcome him back as an Instructor. Kenny’s ultimate goal is flying with an international airline.

Stephen Kong

Grade 1 Flight Instructor Stephen Kong was born in Malaysia and grew up in Melbourne with a fascination for planes and aviation. He has been flying since 2013 and completed his flight training right here at Moorabbin Airport.

After completing his training, Stephen spent a number of years working as a Flight Instructor at Moorabbin. His instructor role saw him heavily involved in the training of airline cadets before he eventually joined a major Asian airline himself as a pilot.

As a pilot, Stephen loves the unique views of the world he gets to see from above. He’s looking forward to working with student pilots again, and we are thrilled to have his extensive aviation experience here at Learn To Fly.

Lawrence Byrnes

Grade 1 Flight Instructor Lawrie Byrnes has a LOT of aviation experience, having been flying for over 50 years! He grew up in Melbourne and was always fascinated with model aeroplanes as a youngster.

It wasn’t until later on when he was being escorted around Vietnam in C130 Hercules aircraft that he truly realised that the pilot life was his calling. His career has seen him flying for regional airlines and charter in an impressive range of aircraft that includes the Mitsubishi MU-2, Douglas DC3, Cessna Citation, Beechcraft 1900 and Piper PA31 Navajo.

Lawrie loves striving for accuracy in his flying, and after his extensive career, he has turned his attention to Aerobatics, Formation and IFR. We’re thrilled to have such an experienced pilot on board to head up our Formation and Aerobatics Endorsement courses.

Joshua Best

Josh started his flying training at age 16 but was born with aviation in his blood. He remembers flying around the Victorian Gippsland region in Cessna 172s with his grandfather as a small child, as well as regular trips to some of the larger airports to watch the “big planes” coming and going.

As a Flight Instructor, Josh loves the fact that every day there is something different to teach. He’s also a big fan of the fact that typically, every customer or student leaves with a smile on their face after flying.

Whilst Josh would one day love to fly in a domestic passenger transport role, his ultimate goal is to join the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

David Buultjens

Born in Sri Lanka, Grade 1 LTF Flight Instructor David Buultjens moved to Australia as a 7-year-old with a dream to one day be a pilot and have the “best office view in the world”.

He started his flight training in 2013 and has now been instructing for nearly 3 years. He loves being able to help those with a passion for aviation to accomplish their flying goals.

Whilst he’s already achieved his childhood dream of having the world’s best office view, he’d love to one day work with a major international airline.

Nick Harris

Originally from London, Senior Base Pilot and Grade 1 Flight Instructor Nick Harris has been flying for over 12 years. He tells us that it “seemed like a good idea at the time” to become a pilot, but we think that maybe it had more to do with growing up watching the Concorde take off over his house (um, that’s pretty awesome).

As an instructor, Nick loves seeing how excited students get after their first solo, or after passing their flight test.

He hopes to one day fly a Tiger Moth around Australia – and in fact, he’s actually building one at the moment to do just that!